Car maintenance tips in the heat of Indian summer

With the mercury climbing relentlessly, chances are that you would now prefer to stay at home and chill out, than go out in the heat. Wish your car could do the same. Although their sturdy bodies are built of steel and fibre, they too feel the heat! To increase your car’s life, you need to take some measures to protect it from the Indian summer’s torturous heat. We give you some suggestions to take care of your car and keep it healthy

Gimme fuel!

Check your car’s fuel tank regularly. Check the quantity of oil in it after letting the car engine run for some time. It should be clean on the testing stick and also at a proper level. In fact, this is one of the most important factors to keep in mind about your car’s condition in the summer.  Check the hose connections in your cars more frequently during summer for any leaks or damages.

Summer Car maintenance

Get it serviced

It is very important to regularly take your car for servicing during the summer. Stopping at a service station will boost the fuel economy of your car by at least 4-12 per cent. So do not forget to make a trip to the nearest service station for your car every once in a while.

Car servicing

Watch the cool!

Car air-conditioning

In the blistering heat, you don’t want to be left without air-conditioning in your. So, always ensure that your car’s air conditioning system is working fine. In case you notice cold vapors flowing out from the outlets, immediately get a mechanic to look into the system- it might be because of low refrigerant levels.

Tyre health

The extreme heat significantly increases the air pressure in your car’s tires. The Indian summer is usually accompanied by occasional rains, which team with overinflated tires to cause hydroplaning. So it’s advisable to keep on eye on your tire pressure and get it checked if you’re taking the car on long trips. Also, remember to test your spare tire when you go on long drives- you may need it for emergencies.

Car tyre maintainence

Windshield-wiper blades

If your windshield-wiper blades are nearing the end of their product lives, get a new pair. You never know when storm clouds will appear overhead and you’re stuck in a thundershower. Visibility is very important in such weather conditions and a working pair of windshield-wiper blades is your best bet to safety.  If your car’s existing wiper blades are pretty new, then clean them regularly using a washer solvent of good quality.

Car wiper

Keep It Light!

Did you know that just an extra 100 pounds of burden on your car can bringCar cleanliness down its mileage by up to 2%?  Remove any unnecessary things that you might have stuffed into the car and forgotten about. Its good to keep your car as clean as possible. But don’t get carried away with your cleaning spree, leave your bare necessities in the car emergency kit. You really cannot do without those!

Keep it Clean!

If you get to have a bath everyday (we hope you do!), it is only fair that your car gets a bath too, atleast on every alternate day. A proper car wash during a hot summer day helps your car beat the heat. In addition, the exterior paint of your car must also be protected. A proper car wax will do the job.

Watch the speed, mister!

While driving on a hot summer day, do not go too fast. Driving at high speeds significantly affects your car’s mileage. In fact, even when it’s not summer, your car’s mileage takes a hit when you drive at high speeds.

Driving a car

Park at a shady spot

Park at a shady spotYou need to choose the right spot to park your car during a hot summer day. The excessive heat might lead to increased evaporation of your car’s fuel. So always remember to park your car in a shady location- under a tree or in the shadow of a building. You should also consider buying a good windshield shade which will keep the sun’s rays away from filtering into your car’s interiors through the windshield.

Your car is meant to be treasured, like a part of your own body. It may be pretty rough and tough from the outside but it too needs some care and protection. Keep these tips in mind and rest assured, you AND your car will definitely beat the heat!

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  1. It is really important to keep the engine cool during summers. For this, engine oils need to be maintained at prescribed level.
    I am using DIVYOL SPECTRO SX 20W50 ( it has worked great for me.

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