Chennai Based Ford Business Services Centre Drives Growth for Ford Company

The Chennai based Ford Business Services Centre or FBS has become the focus for Ford in India, even getting involved in reducing cost for its North American division during down turn. Some processes were also moved from the American auto manufacturers US division to the Chennai centre according to a senior official from the company.

Currently the FBS has 650 virtual purposes which include engineering as well as support services which form a part of the auto giant’s core operations internationally. In fact, the centre has also been responsible for Ford to decrease the time it takes to launch new products. The Managing Director and President of FBS Centre, Joginder Singh, confirmed this fact, however, without revealing any data.

He said that they were using their advantage in time zone difference and as a result can standardize many functions for the company on a global scale. He added that the FBS Centre offered support service in many of Ford’s global operations within areas like information technology, accounting, engineering services which include vehicle design as well as transactions for Ford Credit.

For instance, FBS is involved in closing books for the company globally. They help chief finance officers throughout Ford’s units with data mining, high-end analysis and market research. Chennai is critical for the auto company because of the high quality of financial people they offer out of India.

FBS employs almost 800 people only for accounting operations for the company globally. They also have an engineering service that is yet another growth booster for them. The centre makes use of computer aided simulation techniques and design to help design Ford’s products.

They do not wish to be called a business outsourcing company, rather a centre for support services because of the critical functions which they involve. FBS is the Ford’s second division in India which employs around 5,000 people. They employ another 5,000 in their manufacturing facility located in Maraimalai Nagar based near Chennai. They have three different facilities in Chennai alone and one located in Coimbatore.

Ford Company’s technology services based in India is now the second largest centre concerning application development, outside their headquarters. Singh said that he expects the company to expand their Coimbatore operations through plans of adding around 375 people by year end, so that their total number of employees increase to 500 in that facility.

The facility in Coimbatore has a seating capacity of 750 seats. It will help in providing business continuity and backup from this remote location. They also offer people support, sales and marketing support for the company globally.

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