Classic Fiesta to replace the Ford Ikon

With the impending launch of the new Ford Fiesta in India, the older Fiesta would be relegated into the oblivion. It is said that Ford India would persist with the production of the old Fiesta for some time as they did with the Ford Ikon. The older Fiesta would only be sold in one base trim level. Ford is doing this with the view of creating a gap between the Fiesta and the new Fiesta. The older Fiesta would be renamed as the Fiesta Classic. The Ford Ikon would be discontinued altogether (check out once the new Fiesta is launched. Expect heavy discounts on the Ikon before it is phased out altogether. Also those looking to buy the Fiesta Classic can also hold onto their horses for the time being as it will also bring in heavier discounts later on and probably would be available at the price of the Ford Ikon.

On the same lines, Ford India buoyed by their success of the small car model, the Ford Figo is thinking of launching a smaller car than the Figo in India. For the very same purpose, Ford India had checked out the platform of one of their Chinese partners, Changan Automobiles but then the platform didn’t conform to Ford’s high quality standards. As of now, the platform is on hold. Watch out this space for more information on the same later.

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