Jaguar to leap into compact segment

Now that all the automobile companies have understood the importance of having a presence in the compact hatch segment, it is time for Tata Motors English connection, Jaguar to step into the podium. Jaguar have recently announced that they would be stepping into this much stressed upon segment. The new compact Jaguar would have similar running gear like the XJ and XF as also would be based on an all new platform. It is been said that this new car would be ready for the show rooms only by 2015.

On the same lines, the new Jaguar would be built on a steel and aluminium frame but would have similar riveting as the Jaguar XJ structure. Jaguar’s global brand director, Adrian Hallmark recently said that there would be a small sports car in the offing for bringing in the brand image in front of people and then it would be direct competition to the Porsche Boxster. Moreover, he added that the company is also planning to take on the BMW 3 series sedan and the Audi A4 with an entry level executive sedan which would have class leading features and more style than what the Germans can currently afford. Solihull is the new location which would be used to produce the entire Jaguar Land Rover production. So the company is looking set to harmonise the construction as also technology used in the old plants. Most of the cars in the range would sport rear wheel drive and also the suspension systems from the current XJ and XF range.

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