Datsun Redi-Go Launch In 2016

The third car from Datsun, has kept many buyers on the front foot to vouch upon as soon as it is launched. However, the company doesn’t intend to bring it no sooner than 2016, said a renowned source of the industry.

The maker is already doing with the Datsun GO and GO Plus MPV in the market of India, but the new addition will allow it to penetrate deeper than down the line. Stated to slot below the GO hatchback, new Datsun called Redi-GO in the conceptual stage will take on mass sellers like Maruti Alto 800 and others of the same cadre.

Typical commuter in conceptualization, Redi-GO may also rival the Renault’s upcoming compact car codenamed XBA.

Datsun Redi-Go Launch In 2016

Hence, the last showroom of Datsun was inaugurated in Guwahati, and with the said this low-cost moniker of Nissan completed 175th touch points across the nation. Followed to take on this challenge more extensively, company aims to open 300 showrooms till 2016. With this so called aggression in the marketing strategy, Nissan aims to touch 95% audience of India. Out of the aforementioned figure, Datsun owns only 21 exclusive showrooms, while the rest are in collaboration with the parent company. Another 60 exclusive showrooms will get add to the list of Datsun especially in Tier-II and Tier-III cities.

Inclusive of GO and GO Plus, Datsun has sold more than 17,000 cars in its first year of operations in India.

Source: ET

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