DC Design designs a Rs.1 crore Nano

The buzz of DC designed extravagant working model of the Tata Nano was doing the rounds from way back in 2010. It was the time when Tata Nano had taken the country by storm. The Tata Nano was tagged as the ‘people’s car’, the ‘world’s cheapest car’ and many other such names. Everyone cashed in on the Nano craze. Anything remotely associated with Nano or having some reference to it was making the news. DC designers had begun with the prototype of a model inspired and dedicated to the 1 lakh car. But then there was the Tata Nano factory grounds fiasco followed by controversies that involved India’s political body, and then the utter ‘epic fail’ in sales and revenues. The Tata Nano that promised so much was envisioned to be the Indian answer to the Volkswagen Beetle but unfortunately it was nothing more than a dud. 2011 saw a tragic turn of events for the auto makers. From disruption of production, to court cases and faulty products from their factory line, the Tata Motor directors and dealers had seen it all.

DC Design designs a Rs.1 crore Nano

However, DC Designs didn’t scrape of their dastardly project but went underground -working at it away from the public glare. During its prototype stage it was rumored that the car is to sport a 10.2 foot hatch back and is going to be priced at $220000. Yes! You read it right! The figures are correct. The design of the Tata Nano has been inspected and redesigned to justify the hefty 220K price tag. The car design suggested that all the plastic surface to be replaced with strong fabric and finer materials to be used on the replaced dashboard and small wheels. Though during the initial stages, plans were such to produce just five such cars in a year to be available only to the wealthy overseas folks, but that plan hasn’t yet come to fruition.

Finally after the prototype went under the scanner quite a few times, it was finally designed and fabricated, ready for public viewing just a couple of months back. The money was siphoned off to the DC designs accounts after a buyer from England felt like adorning his collectibles list with one other splendid item. The price was initially kept at one crore, but rumors are such that the price before the final buy had notched up several scales. DC Design Promoter fuelled more speculation regarding the price by stating that the price escalated quite a lot higher than the initial mark, since it had been a one-off-piece.

The DC design features other than the high tech gizmos and gadgets, a 1.6l liquid cooled engine engineered from the Suzuki Hayabusa superbike.

Another company going for the same kind of fanfare keeping up the Nano buzz is the Goldplus Jewellery who have recently brought out  their eye popping 22 crore highly ornamented decked up dazzling copy of the Nano. This bejeweled spectacle is not for sale though!

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