DC Designs revamp the Toyota Innova

DC designs are probably the Indian answer to the American ‘Pimp my ride’. The team works tirelessly producing top of the line luxury cars out of average showroom cars. The DC team has recently modeled a Tata Nano with exhumed exuberance, and is priced much higher than a crore compared to its original version, which costs a little more than a lakh. The DC Team has done a number of such designs, some more hyped than the other. And their latest venture has been the Toyota Innova. The car has been taken apart, revamped and decked with the latest that technology has on offer. The car price has scaled several notches high when it comes to the ultra luxurious DC designed model.

In this part we will bring to you the details of the designing changes that DC Designs have incorporated in their design. As you can see from the video the car has gone from a high end hybrid to a futuristic suave car that would put the Rolls Royce to shame. Toyota Innova has been treated with the addition of wide recliner seats that adjust it with sliders and is provided with calf support. The adjustment allows for ease in entry and exit. The roof module has been given a cockpit feel, with an aircraft style module and 24 inch captain seats, lateral adjustment headrest, 150 degree seat recliners.  Other than that privacy portioning with 45 inch leg room and door panels and quarter door panels are also present.

DC Designs revamp the Toyota Innova

And on the technological aspect of things, the developers have pulled all stops to get the latest gadgets and gizmos integrated into the design.  A 19 inch LCD TV, a DVD player along with LED lights (for accent lighting) and a 7 liter chiller, fold out tables, AC vents they have thought of everything.

Now coming to the control and operational upgrades added to the design. The front and reverse cameras, the satellite television along with swivel jump seats all are add-ons to the original design. Comparisons are being made with the revamped Innova, linking it with anything in between the Rolls Royce Phantom and that of the first class jet liner.

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