Ferrari F1 Race Trailer Goes On Sale

Nothing better the money can buy than a F1 Racecar Trailer for an automotive enthusiast. As the only closest thing to the racecars, this F1 trailer-home marks an important spot for the engineers and other technicians who had contributed to pull all the strings right on the racetrack.

Reportedly, Ferrari has decided to sell its F1 motor homes for an undisclosed price.

The company has used it for a decade and as combined of two trailers this motorhome spawns over an area of 200 square meter (or 2,152 square foot) when fully assembled. They comprises 7 meters in length. The automaker has used since all the seasons till mid-2013.

Ferrari F1 Race Trailer Goes On Sale

Originally, it’s the Iveco Stralis 480 and 540 trucks that are designed to extensively reach an outcome such like it. Both the trucks can be sold separately as well, said a source. When joined together they form an installation upto a height of 2 floors or 7-meter (22 foot). The upper deck was used by the team’s sponsor, guests and clients.

Though whatever the reason maybe for selling, it’s like a souvenir from Ferrari to those who wished to buy the closest thing to a F1 racecar.

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