Toyota Corolla Altis Recalled In India

Following the trail of Camry, Toyota Corolla Altis too now joined the list of recalls in India.

Reportedly, 5,834 Corolla Altis cars are recalled that were manufactured between June 15, 2010 and May 23, 2011. Only diesel cars are recalled, no petrol trims affected.

However, the company says there aren’t negative reports or complaints registered, but as a precautionary measure the recall is made.

At the checking point, Toyota officials will examine and would rectify the problem that causes the oil to enter the air-intake system.

Toyota Corolla Altis Recalled In India

Hence, Japanese carmaker is bounded to send letters or make calls to the affected buyers. Repairs, if needed, would be carried out for free of cost. And all the examples of said Corolla Altis can be brought to the dealerships across country.

The call-back of this Toyota sedan is a part of global recall.

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