Ferrari F12 Speciale Spotted Testing Without Any Camouflage

Cars getting spied on while testing is nothing new. But this time a car has been spied fully undisguised while it was being tested. We are talking about the upcoming Ferrari F12 Speciale and the car was posted undergoing tests without any cover of sorts at the company’s facility at Maranello, Italy. It is expected to make it global debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

From the spy images it is clear that the F12 have hit the treadmill hard and was able to shed somewhere around 200kgs. Some serious weight reduction measures seem to have been taken by Ferrari to achieve this near impossible feat. The secret, we think, lies in the extensive use of carbon-fiber on the car. The front fenders as well as the side skirts have been made fully from carbon-fiber composites. The car also has a fully redesigned rear bumper.

Ferrari F12 Speciale Spotted Testing Without Any Camouflage

As far as the powertrain of the F12 Speciale is concerned, the car will be powered by a naturally-aspirated 6.3-liter V12 engine capable of doling out a max power of 760bhp. Overall the F12 Speciale’s engine would be giving out 30HP more than what F12 Berlinetta’s engine gave.

Power to weight ratio of the Speciale is also going to much higher compared to the Berlinetta and that is primarily because of the reduction in weight of the car. It is also expected to get a new suspension to improve its driving dynamics even further.

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