Fiat Caffe live website launched

Accessing all the relevant and latest information about Fiat is now accessible live with the Caffe website being launched by Fiat India. The launch has taken place much ahead of its scheduled inauguration in January 2012. The distinct style of Fiat is exhibited in the Fiat Caffe though it is just like any normal cafeteria. Fans of Fiat cars can indulge in light conversation at the lounge while being served with authentic coffee from Italy. The best part is that the display podium is reserved entirely for the Fiat range of cars with no other third party being allowed to intervene into the same. Sitting in this car lounge itself, prospective customers will be able to get all relevant details pertaining to Fiat cars including the best deals that are being offered at that very moment as well as a comprehensive updated list of Fiat cars including all its dealer locations. This is not all. This café is going to be conveniently used as an important venue for hosting a lot of exciting events that are held by Fiat.

Fiat Caffe live website launchedThe cafe is not just restricted to displaying the cars of Fiat. It is also going to display a varied range of different products including perfumes, T-shirts as well as any other products that are going to be offered for attracting the customers to this beautiful set up. The two main locations that have been identified by Fiat India for initially setting up its cafes are Pune and New Delhi. The decision of the car manufacturer to expand these cafes further into other different cities will depend on the response that these two cafes get from customers. Experts in the automobile industry feel that Fiat has finally taken a step in the correct direction. Although the presence of Fiat Cars in the Indian market has been over a long period of time, these cars have not been able to perform well in terms of sales. The entire range of offerings from Fiat that includes its sedan, the Fiat Linea along with the Fiat Punto and the Fiat Palio, till date, have not been capable of setting the market on fire with response to all these vehicles being lukewarm, to say the least.

Added to that, a program that they had initiated with Tata Motors for having a joint dealership has ended in a sour note. This is because the sales persons at the outlets of Tata Motors were not at all keen to promote the vehicles that had been manufactured by this Italian car maker. It now seems that Fiat India has taken the decision of working out things on its own. In fact, the company has lined up a lot of exciting offerings for the Indian market in the year 2012. This is going to include revamped variants of both the Fiat Punto as well as Fiat Linea with both the vehicles scheduled for launch on the 3rd of January, 2012. Most experts in the auto industry have been bewildered by the decision taken by Fiat India of not participating in the Delhi Auto Expo 2012 and instead opting to go about its own manner in launching these two vehicles. It seems that Fiat India has finally identified that it can enhance its sales in the Indian market only if they have exclusive outlets to cater to the service and sales aspects. The Italian car maker has given this aspect a top priority.

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