Fiat heir bidding for Ducati

Italian motorcycle maker Ducati has been reported to be seeking potential buyers for the company. There was even the name of Indian automotive giant involved in this bid. Later, Daimler was reported showing interest in the Italian company, however, the German luxury carmaker plainly denied any such negotiations. We have been closely following the bid for Italian motorcycle maker, and Audi had shown interest recently. Now, there is another Italian auto-giant interested in keeping Ducati in its homeland.

Agnelli familFiat heir bidding for Ducatiy heir and brother of Fiat chairman John Elkann, Lapo Elkann, who is also the possible future head of Ferrari has shown interest in the Italian motorcycle company. As reported in Italy’s La Voce, Lapo Elkann regards himself as a patriot and motorcycle lover, and would consider bidding for Ducati, just for the sake of keeping the motorcycle company in its homeland.
The 34-year old Fiat marketing director explained that if Ducati was ready to lower their demands, he was ready to sign the deals. Apparently, there is a bigger bidder from Germany, offering 750 million Euros, which is a major obstacle in the path of Elkann.

Elkann may be best known for his Ferrari 458 Italia finished in a camouflaged paint scheme, with camo leather interior and even the same finish on the engine. He is also a very good friend of MotoGP racer, Valentino Rossi and had a major hand to play in the Fiat’s sponsorship to Yamaha’s MotoGP team.

Fiat heir bidding for Ducati


Stay tuned to see if Ducati remains home or is taken by a foreign management.

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