Fiat India Gets New VP for Brand Development

Enrico Atanasio was recently appointed the new Sr. Vice President for Fiat’s commercial operations. This move by Fiat comes as the company tries to change the dismal performance they have witnessed in this market.  Atanasio, previously held the position of CEO of the company’s Greece operations.

Atanasio who authorizes network excellence, developing the brand and product innovations has more than 20 years of experience in the non-auto and auto sectors with various reputed firms, including Rover Italia, GM and the Fiat Group, with his main responsibility being marketing and sales.

Fiat India’s CEO and President, Rajeev Kapoor, said that Atanasio has supported the development of significant market projects, like in the US; his role was that of a manager for network development. They intend to make use of this experience and knowledge that Atanasio has to offer to better their efforts in marketing.

One thought on “Fiat India Gets New VP for Brand Development

  1. Respected Sir ENRICO ATANASIO
    I congratulate you first on being
    appointment of Sr Vice President of Fiat India’s commercial operation and welcome to India.I wish you great success in India for FIAT as well as you from my core of heart.Sir why I am writing to you having an extremely an important task for Fiat India to over come its crisis.Sir please give me your mail id and I will write you directly in detail.I am great fan of FIAT.

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