‘Flying Pistons’ builds Mumbai round of Red Bull Racing Can

Whilst the groups were combating it out on the small race path, hoards of fellow pupils and buffs, assembled around to applaud their beloveds. At last, the ‘Flying Pistons’ from St. Andrew’s college, who bagged the finaltriumph and were the day’s best evergroup at the Red Bull Racing Can took place in Jai Hind College on September 22.

The occasion happened in Mumbai presented originality at its best as partakers rushed radio-control cars with their body work created completely from Red Bull cans. Days before the Mumbai concluding battle, partakers functioned on their automobiles show casing F1 style accuracy and tuning up the small engines to rapidity demons. The groups then remarkably flaunted their abilities with the most resourcefully kitted cars.

Flying Pistons builds Mumbai round of Red Bull Racing Can

The beginning of the occasion witnessed around 24 groups combating it out on the pathway, with the champs on the move to confront the heat in semi finals. But, the challenge was not only to be the first to cross the finishing line but the racing cans with fresh designs and stable machines also garnered points. Their racing act and designing capacities were adjudicated by one of the instructors of Jai Hind College – Neetal Kothari and renowned tattoo artist, sculp turer and painter – Al Alva.

The ‘Flying Pistons’ remained the best ever group from Mumbai. Daniel D’ Souza and Rhett Rego from ‘Flying Pistons’ will move on tosym bolize Mumbai in the national finals by the coming month in Mumbai.

Gaining the city finals. ‘Flying Pistons’ will now defy champs from Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kolkata for the tag of the country’s Red Bull Racing Can winner and move on totake part against 24 other countries at the Red Bull Racing Can World Finals in Brazil.

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