Mahindra Quanto: A Review

A new inspiration always paves a way for a new offering. Mini SUV is a concept that had not yet found a concrete platform here in India but over the past few years, the scenario has somewhat improvised. Premier was one of the first to launch Mini SUV Rio on the Indian roads and now it seems that its presence is about to be rumbled by Mahindra as they have brought Quanto amidst a lot of glares and hype. Quanto is basically a downsized or alternately miniature adaptation to Xylo. Mahindra Xylo came with a wave and was an instant hit. In the same way, the enterprise as high expectations with Quanto as mini SUVs are now being looked up to by automobile enthusiasts. But apart from the exterior design, what more does Mahindra has to offer? This is where we come into picture and put Quanto behind the scanner. From exteriors to interiors, ergonomics, price, etc Mahindra Quanto will be analyzed inside out.

Exteriors: –

Mahindra Quanto

On the first look, one will straightaway be reminded of Xylo if the observation is done from the front side. There have not been any alterations made in the front part as the headlights remain intact as they were in the predecessor version. The front grille is the same as that of Xylo with a minor change in the headlights which can be ignored with a hind eye. Mahindra Quanto is the company’s first and maiden Compact SUV which is the reason why the design of the car was to be made in such a manner that it appeals to the general audience.

Moving towards the hind part of the car, Quanto is bound to attract eyeballs owing to its rear. People might think that the inspiration was taken by Skoda Yeti or Premier Rio but there is still some disparity which pushes Quanto away from Rio and Yeti. Quanto is 4m long which is perfect for a Compact SUV and ride height is also convenient for those who are tall. There are primarily 4 variants of Mahindra Quanto which will be seen on the roads namely C2, C3, C4 & C8. The rear part of gives a typical crossover appeal with headlights fitted high and a signature Mahindra tire holder which gives it a sporty outlook.


Mahindra Quanto

If exteriors have been stamp-marked as praiseworthy, then the interiors are no less as Mahindra Quanto holds enough space to comfortably accommodate 5 Adults with two jumper seats additionally attached in case more passengers are there. Starting with the driver’s seat, it can be inclined to a greater angle as per the comfort of the driver. The height of the seat can also be adjusted in case if a short-heighted person is manoeuvring. The dashboard has been done up well as per the body colour of the car. Despite of two jumper seats in the rear, there is a lot of boot space that is available in case if the driver wishes to carry luggage. The rear seats come with seat belts and both the fronts as well as the rear passengers have enough room to stretch their legs and sit comfortably. C6 version and C8 versions of Quanto come with integrated audio system better than that of C2 and C4. 2 Airbags have been provided for the driver and passenger’s safety. Reverse parking assist ensures that the car is parked at a considerable distance from any obstruction and gives out an alarm when the car is too close to a hard surface. Mahindra was instrumental in putting the micro-hybrid start-stop technology in the car which makes starting as well as stopping the car easier and hassle-free.


Mahindra Quanto

This is perhaps one of the most important and defining categories on the basis of which one would like to go for this car. Since it has been earlier mentioned that Quanto will come in four variants, thus we can presume that there would surely be ergonomic disparity which separates one variant from the other. Primary model of Mahindra Quanto boasts of a 1.5 L, 3-Cylinder twin-turbocharged diesel engine of CRDi configuration which is capable of churning out a total power of 100 bhp along with peak torque of 240 Nm. This very engine has been codenamed as mCR100 by Mahindra and has been tuned up with a five-speed manual transmission control gearbox. A new feature is the twin-scroll turbo which is perhaps one of the most compact twin-turbo diesel which gives Quantoa very imposing performance.


Mahindra Quanto

Being an MUV, it has an impressive mileage and since the engine beneath the hood is powered by diesel, thus we can naturally expect the car to give a commendable mileage. Mahindra Quanto gives a mileage of 17.21 kilometres per litre. Maybe Ertiga fares better than Quanto when it comes to mileage as it gives 20.77  kilometres per litre but Quanto on the contrary beats other MPVs in terms of performance.


Mahindra Quanto

A car of this scale would naturally be equipped with the latest safety features in order to keep the passengers safe. As it had been mentioned in the interior features above, Mahindra Quanto will be having two airbags for the safety of the driver as well as the passengers. The exterior body is made up of refined metal which can bear impact of a small collision course. The tires of Mahindra Quanto have high durability and have been designed in order to maintain optimum traction control. This hinders the car from slipping off track and helps it to gain a strong hold of the road with adequate balance of friction.


Mahindra Quanto has been launched in Mumbai with a price range of Rs 5.8 Lakh- Rs 7.36 Lakh. This is the ex-showroom price of the car and the overall on-road price will be a little more than that as Mahindra is providing insurance as well in order to safeguard the financial background of its customers respectively.

Mahindra Quanto

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