Geneva motor show extend the invite to Nissan Invitation

The Nissan Invitation made their humble introduction after being invited at the Geneva motor show this year. The car is designed as a B-segment concept that combines both the robust spacious features that you would find in a baby SUV and the compact aesthetically pleasing features of that of a hatchback.

This is a sure sign of Nissan’s intentions of modeling cars with progressive cross over designs.  This venture, if it works out well for the company, could see the advent of such progressive non conventional designs entering into the mainstream car market of Europe.

Geneva motor show extend the invite to Nissan Invitation

The modeling of the car is quite avant-garde and futuristic. The forthcoming model is the company’s replacement of the sober Note. With such a chic model replacing the already successful Note, it’s going to be interesting to see how the public laps up the change.

The company will face quite a daunting task at promoting and publicizing their latest groovy model since it will face competition from its elder experienced cousin, the Note and also the Micra. With all three cars with similar features and specifications, it all comes down to the looks, the visual appeal of the three cars.

This progressive design car is sending out an ultra frugal version. The car is to be powered with a help of 1.0 liter engine. Nissan cars will now be introduced with a Pure Drive badge given the fact that they are extremely low on the gas emissions and also quite fuel efficient.

The car has some new features, including that of Nissan’s Safety Shield System. This will allow for the driver to be aware of his surroundings during the drive. Along with that the car is provided with an around view monitor system that gives for a helicopter view of the car, which makes backing up, parking or reversing incredibly easy.

Geneva motor show extend the invite to Nissan Invitation

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