Borgward BX7 SUV Unveiled

The BX7 SUV was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year and marked the return of Borgward, the company that declared bankruptcy in 1961 and has not made a car since. The BX7 is to first be released in Chinese markets, from where it will travel to Europe.

While not much is still known about the car, it is likely that it will be powered by a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine that will give it a combined power of 296bhp in conjunction with the hybrid set up. The new model will also be an All Wheel Drive (AWD) and is likely to be mated to a dual clutch auto transmission. An in car connectivity system called “Multiple Interaction” has also been introduced by Borgward in the car.

Borgward BX7 SUV

In terms of proportion, the BX7 SUV is similar to the BMW X3, the Mercedes Benz GLC and the Audi Q5. It has a large front bar grille with the Borgward badge and has a sloping roofline that meets the rear spoiler mounted on the boot. The car will also have at least one hybrid engine option while more are still being worked on.

Borgward is looking to set foot in the market and sell about 800000 unites by 2020. A production ready luxury car is also likely to be revealed by the company at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016. Borgward already produces various Mercedes Benz models and will now start production with its own badging for the first time this century.


Suzuki iK-2 Hatchback Concept Unveiled At Geneva Motor Show

Swift facelift wasn’t up to the mark to entice the new-gen buyers. Certainly, it got a reason to be so, because the maker was preparing a newbie in its development centre termed as YRA. The same has now unveiled at Geneva Motor Show to allow spectators for a real-world picture of how it could appear on roads when would hit the production after passing from the conceptual stage. Hyundai Elite i20, new Honda Jazz are on its immediate attack. To be very precise, the company wouldn’t shy away from launching it in India, because the major chunk of Swift is sold here more than anywhere in the world.

Keeping premium design in mind as of a lifestyle product, the waistline surges at rear and makes the windscreen to be placed on a sloppy angle. A wider appearance and bolder attitude than the Swift are almost guaranteed. On the length, it measures 4023mm where the additional kerb will be chopped down to bring it under the regulations of sub-4 metre for meeting norms.

In fact, the 1.0-litre BoosterJet motor is fitted in its bay. And the European launch shall take place in 2016. The 2016 Delhi Auto Expo will expose it officially for the first time on Indian shores; must admit, the very pristine diesel engine will emerge as a winner for it in this market.

Suzuki iK-2 Hatchback Concept

Tata Bolt Sport Unveiled At Geneva Motor Show

Tata’s tattered dream of capturing some handful shares in the hatchback segment now got an additional lease of life with the Bolt, but to overcome some unexplored areas as well it brought the Bolt Sport at Geneva Motor show. Though, to a large extent it isn’t widely confirmed for the launch in India. Revealing its detail, India’s largest vehicle maker said to have powered by the same 1.2-litre REVOTRON petrol “120bhp” @ 5500rpm and max torque of torque of 170Nm @ 2000-3000rpm after mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. If spoke about the technical changes, a number of them districts this hot hatch of the carmaker from the stock model, like lower lip spoiler, air dam, side skirts, rear bumper with diffuser, 17-inch alloy wheels, and significant air vents on the front fender like those of big Range Rovers.

Some of the changes are also witnessed inside the cabin with regards to black leather draped all over, sport pedals, sunroof and more. ABS, dual-airbags and Corner Stability Control comes on its list of safety features.

Tata Bolt Sport Unveiled At Geneva Motor Show

Though, the confirmation is still a but faraway, but when launched Volkswagen Polo GT will turn out to be its immediate rival in India.

Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 Super Veloce Unveiled At Geneva Motor Show

Over the standard variant, Lamborghini introduced Super Veloce trim of Aventador LP 750-4 at Geneva Motor show 2015. To name the changes as of now on the stage before hitting the sales floor, the naturally-aspirated V12 engine is tweaked to produce 740bhp, which is approximately 50bhp more than the standard version. And with the reduced weight of 50kgs the power-to-weight ratio also gets enhanced by very effective standards. All these improvements had milked 0-100km/h sprint in a reduced time by 0.1 seconds at 2.8 seconds. Even the cabin gets signified with enormous amendments to house the reduction of weight. Improved aerodynamics returned higher downforce.

Hence, for this dynamic control, Aventador Super Veloce now holds brand new pushrod suspension with magnetic fluid-filled adaptive dampers for reduced body roll and better handling.

A last tip for the buyers, those who wished to own a one example shall keep their check books ready by the end of this year, the time when it will hit the sales floor internationally.

Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 Super Veloce Unveiled At Geneva Motor Show

McLaren P1 GTR Unveiled For Geneva Motor Show With 1000HP

Reportedly, McLaren unveiled the production version of P1 GTR ahead of Geneva Motor show. To make it happen the carmaker had did several changes, but major of it is with the livery which is carried of the 1995 model of McLaren P1 GTR that was sponsored by Harrods. Though, other changes are also included, where to reduce the weight company has replaced the glass panel roof with a carbonfibre. And the side window glasses are now changed by the polycarbonate. Though, the 32mm windshield remained intact.

The wide rear wing now sits at 400mm above the bodywork, whereas at the front the operational flaps accounts for 10% of increase downforce, which is worth of 660kg at 150mph. As compared to the standard model, this car sits 50mm lower than the standard car while the 19-inch wheels with Pirelli tyres makes enough sticky affair with the ground to maintain the touch.

In the engine bay, they say the power output too is increased as compared to the standard one. Fitted with a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 motor, the gasoline sends out whopping power of 789bhp (as compared to 737bhp). Alongside, an electric motor then adds more whir of 200bhp (as against 179bhp), which in total accumulates up to an insane 1000bhp.

McLaren P1 GTR Unveiled For Geneva Motor Show With 1000HP

Hence, the GTR cars aren’t street legal, so production too will be restricted for limited owners. Hence, that’s not so easy; the buyers will have to empty approximately $3.8 million and has to be from the existing P1 owners. Further on, they are needed to undergo serious training process to brace them for ownership of such a prized possession. As per the reports, prospective buyers will have to opt for the McLaren P1 Driver Programme, which involves a test session at Silverstone followed by a track day at Circuit de Catalunya, Spain.  Additionally, the race seat fitting and assessment at McLaren’s Human Performance Centre are also a part of the package; while the consultation for final design of their personalized cars with Frank Stephenson, McLaren’s automotive design director, will be an added advantage for this package.

2016 New-Gen Audi R8 Leaked Ahead Of Geneva Motor Show

Next-gen Audi R8 has remained on everybody’s mind and spies are in the lingo of catching it unaware before the official unveiling at Geneva Motor Show 2015. A source shot on internet did what’s expected and caught the vehicle unaware, which it claimed to be the next-gen R8.

However, this remains a myth whether this R8 is a body kit or the actual model of Audi’s flagship, because of loopholes like missing wheels and a huge gap between front bumper and right wing. Certainly, the source also reported, spied test mule is quite similar to this spotted model with regards to headlamps and bonnet. The German automaker is said to be omitting projector headlamps this time, as had seen to be fitting only the LEDs.

However, its rival Lamborghini Gallardo is now replaced by the Huracan, so it was obvious for the R8 to bow down a new-gen this time at the posh Geneva.

2016 New-Gen Audi R8 Leaked Ahead Of Geneva Motor Show

Hence, there aren’t speculations of engine specifications under its hood. They say, it could be the typical V8 for entry-level buyers, but Huracan’s naturally aspirated V10 of will make way for the whopping 570 horsepower on the top of line.

Well, production date of new R8 isn’t announced, but it seems to get precisely fixed at the Geneva Motor Show 2015.

McLaren to showcase 650S at the Geneva Motor Show

McLaren is going to introduce its new groundbreaking supercar, the 650S, at the 84th Geneva Motor Show. This is the latest addition of the company and it is said that it is clearly more than just a sports car.

For all car enthusiasts in the market, McLaren is offering this well developed and well designed luxurious car. It is said that the McLaren 650S has been competing on the highest level of motorsport for over 50 years now and the latest edition is a result of experience they have gained over these years. The car has been beautifully designed to attract attention.

On the McLaren Automotive supercar grid the 650S has been placed between two. This latest addition learns a lot from the McLaren P1 and 12C. Currently, McLaren has the MP4-12C Spyder versions and the coupe versions in the market. Once the new car is introduced, the company will have a total of three cars in the market. Formula 1 and McLaren always work in tandem as there has always been some connection between the two.

McLaren 650S
The new 650S is also expected to have some connection with Formula 1. In order to expand their market, McLaren has already entered the Thai and the Chinese market. It is also said that the British car manufacturer is considering the possibility of coming to India, though it would not happen before 2015. As a result of all these measures taken up by the company, McLaren has not only managed to increase its production capacity, but also reach out to a number of new markets.

Volkswagen to Unveil Polo based SUV Concept in Geneva

The concept model of the new Volkswagen SUV has been unveiled by a German website. The car is expected to be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show that is scheduled to be held in March this year. The actual launch date of the car will be sometime in 2016. It has been designed on the lines of Volkswagen Tiguan SUV and is based on the Polo hatchback.

On the basis of mutual decision, Volkswagen and Suzuki decided to end their partnership of working jointly on a compact SUV called the ‘Rocktan.’ Currently the Volkswagen engineers have been directed to go ahead with the plan for the new SUV. There are not many pictures of the car available on the internet, though certain pictures do give an idea about the looks of the car.

This new SUV will be based on the MQB platform or the Volkswagen Modular Transverse Matrix. The look of the car bridges the gap between the Taigun and Tiguan. In order to price the car competitively in the market, the car will features engines similar to that of Vento and it will share many parts with the new Polo.

Volkswagen to Unveil Polo based SUV Concept in Geneva

Volkswagen is hoping that the car will do really well for them in the compact SUV segment. The competitive price of the car should also act as a factor which will help bring in the masses. The production model of the SUV is expected to be ready by 2016. Apart from this new compact SUV, Volkswagen is also working on another SUV, which will be based on Volkswagen Up! This car will be the cheapest in the Volkswagen lineup.

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Limited Edition Duster Adventure Debuts at Geneva

Duster had been a cool choice for worldwide customers but getting more will be an added advantage if lugged with additional loads of goodies. However, Dacia had now fulfilled our wishes and had launched Limited Edition Duster Adventure at the Geneva paddock this year.

Aesthetically we liked the overall appearance, tinted glass, extra roof lights, blackened 16” alloys, new skid plates, black paint job for fronts and cool adventure stickering on sides, makes all the vying angles fulfilled to core. One can also choose from two options of outer paint shade namely Glacier White and Nacre Black.

 Duster Adventure Edition
On an exclusive note, interiors will be updated with new sorts of tweaks, white stitches for black upholstery is absolutely confirmed; other fillings for dashboard, steering rim and door handles (interior) will too be in the same pristine white contours.

Adventure will not be completed without the proper routes for getting lost, so Dacia thought for fitting the Garmin 350 LM GPS as a standard feature.

We think that Limited Edition Duster Adventure is an outcome of recently achieved 400,000 production mark, isn’t it!

Toyota will show the i-Road concept at Geneva

Toyota unveiled the new three-wheeled electric vehicle before the Geneva Motor Show (GMS 2013). The Toyota i-Road is only 850 mm wide and is designed for smooth driving on city streets. The three-wheeled i-Road is made to seat two people back to back underneath a weatherproof body. The i-Road can be driven without a helmet and Toyota says “the environment inside the cabin is car-like”.

The i-Road is 2350 mm in length, 1445 mm in height and has a wheelbase of 1700 mm. The narrow width means – four i-Roads can be parked in the single parking bay. The zero-emissions (all electric power train) use a lithium-ion battery that powers two 2kw motors mounted on the front wheel. The driving average is 30 miles. The battery can be fully charged from any conventional domestic power supply, that also in just three hours.

To balance the vehicle during cornering, a lean actuator and gearing has been mounted above the front suspension member, linked via a yoke to the left and right front tires. Toyota refers to this system as ‘The Active Lean’ technology. A gyro sensor supplies data to the ECU that calculates the required degree of lean based on steering angle, vehicle speed and other supplied information.

Toyota i-Road
Toyota’s envision is people will take the public transportation for long distance travelling and once they are in the city, they will use the i-Road as it will be easy and environment healthy. Though Toyota has not revealed its cost or when the production will begin.

New Toyota i-Road

As per reports, “This design also permits for a more car-like situation, with the prospective for characteristics like lighting, heating, audio and connectivity to be given. Significantly, occupants–yes, 2 grownups can fit inside through tandem seating–don’t require wearing a helmet. The 3-wheeled i-Road is said to be 7.7 feet long, 4.7 lofty, 2.8 feet broad, and weighs just more than 660 pounds.”

New Toyota i-Road Back View

The company has not brought up any production proposals but said that it could imagine i-Road-type vehicles substituting cars in active urban centers in the coming time.