Global Sales of Tata Motors down by 1% in June

Global sales of Tata Motor’s declined by 1% last month, as the company managed to sell 89,846 vehicles, in comparison to 90,702 vehicles sold in the same period, a year ago. Meanwhile, sales of their premium brands, Jaguar Land Rover were up by 1%, selling 20,358 vehicles last month, according to a statement released by the company.

The sales of their Jaguar sedans, however, saw a drop of 40%, selling 4,038 vehicles, whereas sales of Land Rover increased by 22%, selling 16,320 vehicles. According to the company statement, the overall sales of their passenger vehicles were around 44,561 models last month, a drop of 12% in comparison to the same month last year.

Sales of their commercial vehicles stood at 45,285 vehicles, a growth of 13%. Global sales of the Tata Motors Group comprises of the Hispano Carrocera, Tata and Tata Daewoo commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles from Tata, brands distributed in India, and the Jaguar Land Rover luxury brand.

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