Global Sales of Tata Motors Increase by 12%, to 87,114 vehicles in April

The global sales of the Tata Motors Group, which includes those of their Jaguar Land Rover brand, were around 87,114 models last April, which was a growth of 12% in comparision to sales in the same period last year. The overall sales of all their commercial vehicles which include the Carrocera, Tata Hispano range and the Daewoo were around 41,179 models last April, an increase of 20%.

Meanwhile, the sale of their passenger vehicles in global markets was around 45,935 models last April, an increase of 6%. The sales of the company’s passenger vehicles in global markets, as well as the distribution offtake of Fiat cars in India was around 26,504 models for this April, a 5% growth over the same period last year.

According to reports, the company’s Jaguar Land Rover brand achieved global sales of 19,431 models in April, this year, which is a growth of 9%. The sales of Jaguar models for April were around 3,079 models, a decrease of 13%, while the sales of the Land Rover models were around 16,352 models, an increase of 14% to the same period last year.

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