Honda planning large-scale expansion for India: Will be bringing in new diesel cars

There is a lot that is going on in the minds of Honda futurists as the company is now looking forward to a massive expansion in India. Over the past few years Honda has been consistently considered in the top league of car-makers in India and now the company feels that they necessarily need to flounder more and more of their cars into India. So now the profit will be more for the company as it plans to manufacture cars to its optimum capability so that the volume of cars sold is much more than what it used to be earlier. Presently, the Tapukara plant based in Rajasthan is idle to a great extent as the company is not able to maintain proper volume of expected supply that they had earmarked in the beginning of this fiscal. This plant of Honda will now be actively put to use for export business of the company.

Honda Civic in India

The Indian automobile market is said to be one of the most booming markets in the world with almost all of the major car makers playing and competing with each other in the arena. Honda stands up against most of its adversary automakers owing to the fact that since the fall of the company last year as a result of the flash floods in Thailand, the company had concurred losses which they were hell-bent on making up. Then the company started growing at a massive scale with the launch of Brio in India. The company now aims of rolling out 1 million units in the domestic Indian car industry by the fiscal of 2015-16. The best way to do that as per the thoughts of the company visionaries is to bring more and more diesel variants of cars to India in the coming time as the price of petrol in India has skyrocketed to such extent that it burns a hole in the pockets of the people living here. The diesel car market is booming and this is the reason why Honda is planning a massive rollout of cars in the coming time. Very soon, the 1.6 L Diesel engine variant of Honda Civic and Honda City will be rolled out on the Indian roads. These two cars are the most demanded and revered cars of Honda in the Indian automobile market. On the contrary, the diesel variant of Honda Brio is now under testing mode and maybe it will be launched soon as well.

Honda City in India


Increasing the percentage of sales manifold in the upcoming span of 2-3 years is something that critics will say long-thinking or over-estimation but Honda as a matter of fact has an impressive line-up of cars and strategies that will back this aspiration of theirs. Owing to the flash floods in Thailand, the plants of Honda based in Japan are presently under pressure as the amount of spare parts for the cars has subsequently increased but the company has vouched to eradicate this obstruction in the upcoming few months when the production rate increases at a colossal rate.

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