Mercedes-Benz S Class replacement to sport 9-speed transmission

Mercedes S Class is like the Boeing 747 of the auto world, and after serving for almost a decade, the car is due to retire next year. The engineers and designers at Mercedes’ Stuttgart headquarters are busy adding final nip and tuck to the model that will make its debut next year. When launched, it will replace the S Class as the flagship sedan of Mercedes.

Although Mercedes-Benz has not given any hint on the styling or packaging of the top-notch sedan, we can expect the car to set benchmarks in terms of engine refinement and technology. According to a report in Italy’s MotoriOnline, one of the features that will make debut in the next-gen S-Class, is a nine-speed sequential automatic gearbox called 9G-Tronic transmission.

Mercedes-Benz S Class replacement to sport 9-speed transmission
Growing above the current 7G Tronic transmission, the new gearbox will feature amazing fuel-economy and superb comfort. The longitudinally mounted gearbox will match itself to the entry-level diesel motor as well as the powerful petrol unit. Moreover, Mercedes is planning a hybrid version of the upcoming flagship sedan, and the 9G Tronic transmission will find its way in this version too.

Apart from the flagship sedan, this transmission will feature later in the next-gen lineup of Mercedes-Benz. The Mercedes-Benz S Class replacement will make its appearance along with other tri-star models at next year’s Geneva Motor Show. Watch this space for more.

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