Honda unveils the UNI-CUB mobility device

The Japanese have mastered the field of robotics in every aspect of human assistance. There are gadgets for entertainment, household appliances, and the previously seen humanoid, ASIMO. In a more recent event, Honda Motor Co. has unveiled the UNI-CUB, a reality from comics of a personal mobility device.

It lets you glide on the floor, while controlling the speed and direction by merely shifting your weight. Honda describes the UNI-CUB as ‘designed for harmony with people’ and it gives the same freedom on a floor as would walking.

Honda unveils the UNI-CUB mobility device

Honda UNI-CUB mobility deviceA development over the U3-X motorized unicycle that was introduced in 2009, the UNI-CUB features a saddle on a robust base with an omni-directional drive wheel, giving the rider a relative height to other pedestrians.

Designed to roll on office floors, malls and parks, the UNI-CUB runs on electric drive powered by a lithium-ion battery. This enables the device to roll 6 km on full charge, with a top speed of 6 kmph.

Honda announced the demonstration of the mobility device to commence by June with the Japanese National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. What’s up next? A bot to take your dog for a walk?

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