Hyundai aims 7 million units in 2012

It seems to be a tale of the distant past, when Hyundai was referred to as a manufacturer of cheap cars. In the recent times, the car manufacturer from Korea has made sincere efforts to transform itself, a fact that is being appreciated by all major players within the auto industry. Hyundai has now set itself a target of acquiring the top slot in the global car market.

The recent spate of success that Hyundai Motors is achieving has been credited by the car maker to Kia Motors, its subsidiary. The company is also hoping that the two of them are going to be able to work together for achieving the extremely high target that has been set for 2012 of crossing the 7 million units figure in terms of sales. Let us look back to a period in the automobile history where Hyundai had been seen to literally struggle for gaining an entry to the American auto market.

Hyundai Motors had to overcome a lot of barriers at that point of time and this has empowered it to reach its current position, which can be totally credited to its own efforts to continuously come out with an increasing range of vehicles that are not only attractive but also extremely fuel efficient, thereby meeting the expectations of the customers.

Hyundai aims 7 million units in 2012The best part is that the company is not sitting content at its achievements till date, when in itself is quite significant. The car maker plans to continue the story of its growth and has invested $4.4 billion for R&D activities in order to explore the possibilities of creating unique products that create a benchmark in terms of fuel efficiency and can effectively combine with its latest philosophy of ‘Fluidic’ design. It expects the R&D activities to product the compact with the necessary platform based on which it can attain future success.

This discussion takes us to its Kia Picanto that had been spotted on the Indian roads recently. Is Hyundai India having the plan of including the Kia Picanto in its Indian Portfolio or is Hyundai going to make use of these Kia cars for its global growth plans? It looks like the answer to this question is in the affirmative given the fact that the car maker is determined to reach its set targets. By the look of things, Hyundai Motors does not seem to be much far from registering its presence in the list of top three global car makers.

The combination of Hyundai and Kia has been able to surpass the combined target set for 2011 by registering sales of 6.6 million units. The company has showcased an amazing range of cars at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo including its concept MPV, the Hexa Space and the latest Hyundai Sonata and Hyundai Elantra, which are carrying within them the latest technology of Fluidic design.

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