Peugeot planning compact SUV based on its 208 hatchback

Recent times are witnessing a lot of demand for compact SUVs. Most car manufacturers across the globe are already up and running in the task of developing compact SUVs. Peugeot has also not lagged behind and is already making plans to join this race. Though the auto maker could not get the car ready in time for participating in the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo, it is well on the path of transforming its image to come out with a compact SUV in the market soon. It does not mean that the company is going to stop making hatchbacks, for which it is widely known across the globe. The Peugeot strategy is to keep manufacturing its hatchback but at the same time, it is going to explore the increasing demand for compact SUVs that the auto market is generating these days.

As far as the presence of Peugeot, the car maker from France, in the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo is concerned, its Citroen has been found to be quite attractive by the visitors. At most of the times during the event, a lot of crowd was seen in front of the Peugeot stall. People were eager to see the offerings that the car maker has brought in to the Indian auto market for registering a stronger impact in their second innings here.

Peugeot planning compact SUV based on its 208 hatchbackThe Peugeot 508 sedan has been seen by a lot of people on a number of occasions while doing test runs. But this is the first time that the car has come out in the open and one can see that the sedan has been designed with a lot of freshness. It now looks a vehicle that has a lot in it to attract a lot of Indian consumers.

The Peugeot Citroen car has been offered only in diesel engine variant of 1.6L, which provides the car with the ability to handle any terrain conditions that the Indian roads are going to offer. It looks ready for action and does not have the possibility of letting down its buyers, given the huge amount of testing that this car has been put through to check its adaptability to road conditions in India. It is expected that the pricing of the Peugeot Citroen is going to be kept around the Rs.12 Lakh mark. The car is expected to offer strong competition to both the Skoda Laura and the Ford Fiesta.

The Peugeot 908HDi sports car is also registering a strong presence at the Delhi event fresh from its second position winning performance at the Le Mans races, where it was only behind the Audi R18. The car weighs 950kg and has been equipped with a powerful 3.7L V8 engine, which has the capacity to generate a stunning power of 550Hp, thereby explaining the amazing performance this car offers. As soon as Indian Drives gets access to any other updates pertaining to this French car maker, it is immediately going to provide the same to its readers.

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