Hyundai Eon vs. Maruti Alto: THE Better Small Car

Hyundai Eon has become the latest entrant in the Indian small car segment following its launch on 13th October 2011. The small car segment is, as on date, ruled by the Maruti Alto and we try to compare it with the Eon to find out how the latter shapes up against the king. To do so, we compare the 800 cc standard Maruti Alto with the Hyundai Eon.


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Just on the dimensions perspective, the Hyundai Eon being wider than the Maruti Alto 800 cc scores better.

Hyundai Eon in India Maruti Alto in India


The Hyundai Eon has more of a visual appeal than the Alto. Hyundai sculpted designs have gone into its exteriors. Looking from any angle it is highlighted that the Eon views more modern and sporty than the Alto. The quality of the built as well as the plastic quality of the Eon tops that of the Alto.

Hyundai Eon in India

The old and contemporary design of the Alto makes it have a subtle elegance and quite pleasing looks amongst cars in its segment, however the Eon scores better when the entire aspect of exterior looks is taken into consideration.

Maruti Alto in India


The stylish interiors that have been incorporated into the Hyundai Eon with its great visual appeal, aesthetics and quality makes it look much better than a car in the Rs. 3 lakhs segment, which it actually is. Alto has been equipped with sensible yet simple looking interiors. The quality of materials used is average, but worthy of a car placed in the entry-level segment.

Hyundai Eon interior Maruti Alto interior

Hyundai Eon thus scores much better than the Maruti Alto when it comes to interiors.

The Engine Specifications:

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On engine specifications too, Eon has better torque, power and mileage compared to the 800 cc Maruti Alto.

Handling and Performance:

The Hyundai Eon seems to be a very comfortable car for driving with its light power steering being tuned for comfortable drive in the cities, the weight of the steering has been maintained consistent and the vehicle maintains stability at corners. The suspension too is properly tuned for maintaining a proper balance between the aspects of handling and driving.

Hyundai Eon in  India

The Maruti Alto 800 is also a comfortable city drive and matches the Eon as far as handling and performance is concerned, hence no clear winner could be identified in this category.


The standard non-AC version of the Maruti Alto 800 starts at approx Rs.2.35 lakhs whereas the standard model of the Eon, the Hyundai Eon D-Lite is available from Rs.2.69 lakhs onwards.

The Overall Verdict:

If you are operating on a water-tight budget, choose the Alto as it is more lucratively priced than the Eon. If you want to go for a more premium car with better exteriors, interiors and power, the Hyundai Eon is just right for you.

Maruti Alto in India

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