Hyundai “Fluidic” Verna automatic vs Honda City automatic – the H battle

The launch of the new Hyundai “Fluidic” Verna automatic in India has set some big tones for other car manufacturers. While many have went back to their drawing room boards, there are many others who just cannot digest that Hyundai is taking away all their sales and stuff. It has got more to do with first the Etios taking up all the pie and now the Verna. However we feel that all this is just for show sakes and after the initial ownership reports and stuff of the Etios coming up, many people are now not inclined to buy this car. Whilst Hyundai may have recorded around 5000 bookings in the initial month for the new Verna, all the reviews and reports point that the Verna has very sloppy road manners. Nevertheless, the new Verna has one of the widest engine and transmission options in its class. Two petrol and two diesel motors available with both manual and automatic transmission is something which even some of the premium car manufacturers don’t offer. So it comes down to whether the new Verna challenges the erstwhile but still very much desirable Honda City automatic in India. There are also other cars like the Maruti SX4 with an automatic tranny and the Volkswagen Vento automatic, however those don’t sell as much as the City. Due to a cut in production and lack of diesel engine, the Vento has edged past the City which has held its dominion from the last 13 years in the C segment in India. We now pit the City automatic with the Verna automatic.


The Hyundai “Fluidic” Verna automatic in India benefits from an all new look which however doesn’t detract far from the odd ball design that the earlier Verna carried. In front of the City, the new Verna looks plain ugly. The Vento would have atleast looked plain Jane but it never looked ugly. However while the City looks hewn from a single sheet metal, the Verna looks as if too many designers worked on its looks. The City’s arrow shot design is a far better thing than the Verna’s “Fluidic” design. The Verna is a chunkier piece of metal while the Honda City automatic in India looks comparatively slim and also longer. 15 inch wheels as against the 16 inch ones on the Verna also are a distinguishing factor. Moreover, the Verna has got fatter rubber than the City’s low resistance ones, configured for better fuel economy. At the rear, however, it’s the Verna which looks better than the City’s just too straight design characteristics. The Verna’s all LED tail lamps coupled with the extremely clear lens configuration make the City’s neat lines pale in comparison. Moreover, the Verna has got twin tail pipes to the City’s single one.

In the design field, overall, the Honda City imparts a big car feel from outside while the Verna looks like a small alien.


As for the interiors, the only common thing between both the cars is the steering wheel. Mind you, by this we mean only the look of it and not the exact feel or how the steering wheels behave. Like the switchgear used in its bikes, most of the controls on the steering wheel are concentrated to its left while for the Hyundai, they are evenly distributed. The meter dials for instance, on the ones on the Verna have a white backlight for them and for the City, they emit a red glow. The City’s ones have an ancient feel to them while the Verna’s ones have a nice soft ambience to them. As far as the dashboard contours go, this is no contest since the Verna wins it hands down. The City gets the aluminium fascia which looks like an after market fitment with its archaic AC controls and stuff. The new Verna in the meanwhile gets a solid build quality with a use of very good materials. Infact the materials would easily eclipse the ones used on the Civic. The Honda City’s ug bear has been a music system which recognizes only USB sticks and there is no provision for even a proper CD player. The Verna gets a 6 CD changer system with AUX and USB input to it. The silver garnish treatment by the City on the door pads looks down right cheap. However the buttons and rest of the mechanicals operate with a solid feel. As for the Verna, as discussed before, the door pads have a quality feel attached to them. Now coming onto the seating comfort, in this matter, the Honda City is the more comfortable of the two. Be it the front seat or rear seat comfort. The Verna simply cannot match its comfort factor. The City has ample of leg room, head room and also under thigh support which shows why it has been the best seller for these many years. Boot space is nearly the same however the City has much more usable space than the Verna’s which is marred by suspension intrusions.

The Fluidic Verna is the one to go for if you plan on having a futuristic looking cabin with lots of goodies thrown in whereas the City is the more comfortable of the two in the back seat.

Handling and ride quality

The Hyundai “Fluidic” Verna automatic in India has got the softer suspension of the two here. Needless to say, it has a superb ride quality going on for it. Come what may in its way, the Verna delivers a sort of air cushion like comfort. However, this very same ride quality becomes its Achilles heel while the put through a corner. The Verna feels very nervous while negotiating a corner. Infact on the highway, it seems to be floating all around. But what Hyundai have done is a commendable job and that is of keeping the NVH like a super luxury car. Rev the engine or even break it, there is no engine noise permeating inside the cabin. The Honda on the other hand is a raucous performer. It does let you know that there is something which is going to happen. It would either be the acceleration or the unlinear way in which power is built. The Honda City automatic in India has got the harder suspension setup of the two and this means that ride quality over undulating surfaces is not that good but it in this car, you can move quickly over undulating surfaces, of which the Verna has to go a bit slow. Nearing its redline, the Honda’s engine becomes coarse and loses its refinement. But then the handling is spoilt only by the weedy tyres that the City comes shod with. The steering wheel has a much more connected feel than the vague one on the Verna. Both the cars come with an electric steering wheel which is far more efficient than hydraulic units.

Engine, performance and fuel efficiency

The Verna comes with a choice of two engines, one petrol and one diesel and both are available with auto transmission. While the Honda City only has a petrol engine with a 5 speed auto option with paddle shifts behind the steering wheel. The Verna only gets a dated 4 speed auto transmission. The 1.6 liter petrol motor in the Verna automatic makes 122 Bhp of power while the torque figure is rated at 155 Nm. In comparison, the Honda City automatic makes 115 Bhp of power and 149 Nm of torque. The Verna’s torque converter may be an old unit however the engine more than makes up for the deficit with it posting 0.4 seconds quicker time for the 0-100 run than the Honda City. But the City claws back its 5 speed automatic advantage by posting higher top speed than the Verna. The Verna’s box is a dim witted thing which has a mind of its own while the City’s auto box obeys the driver’s commands. Hyundai have kitted the Verna with an all wheel disc brake configuration and this ensures that stops are nearly 15 meters before than what the City can manage. Both the cars get ABS and ESP as an added advantage. For the safety features, the Hyundai beats the Honda squarely by throwing in 6 air bags as compared with the Honda’s 2.

In the critical fuel efficiency stakes, the Honda is once again beaten by the Hyundai’s far more efficient unit. The overall figure that the City automatic returned was 12.4 kmpl whereas the Hyundai turned in 12.9 kmpl.

The City once again is beaten squarely in its own game by the Hyundai by returning better fuel efficiency and also with more safety features.


The Honda City has had a good run for over 13 years in India however its reign has now come to an end first when the Vento overtook it in the sales figures and now when the Hyundai Verna has come in. The Verna’s looks may definitely be subjective however its exhaustive features list and wide range of engine options with both automatic and manual transmission options ensure that it comes out at the top of the hill. This is considering that the City is still the priciest car in its class by a fair margin. The Hyundai “Fluidic” Verna automatic price in India is Rs 9.95 lakhs while the Honda City automatic price in India is Rs 10.33 lakhs. All these prices are ex-show room, Mumbai ones. Our pick for the day is the Hyundai Verna automatic.

40 thoughts on “Hyundai “Fluidic” Verna automatic vs Honda City automatic – the H battle

  1. hyundai fludic verna is a nce car bt wheras compared to honda city it is a fek… city v mt is toooooooooo much better than hyundai fludic sx vvtv o…………………………hyundai made this car to show honda city a losss…….bt honda city is a car which has everything……..every compony is in jelus witrh the car

    1. What abt the ground clearance of the new honda city—
      many of my friends very unhappy with speed breakers esp. when passengers sitting in the back

    2. I think you may be a Honda City owner…You are wrong now…Hyundai fluidic verna is having superb design becoz the new verna fluidic is designed by European engineers. I have CRDi sx 1.6 engine and its riding performance is superb and even in 200 Kmph no shaking, vibration, Wobbling…absolutely Honda city is a loser now and they have to redesign it.

  2. I agree with suneet , Hyundai introduced this car keeping in mind the City. It has to be said that the design was simply copied from the City . They could simply not accept the City affecting their sales . It has been the leader in its segment for over a decade , it might face some competition now , but anyday it is Honda City !

    1. Dude they never copied the design from City,they rather took it form BMW.Verna has much better ground clearance than any other car in the segment.It is loaded with accessories which city or any other car fails to provide in the segment.Although City(Petrol) has reduced the price but Verna is gonna be the ultimate in the segment unless city work on interior and bring their Diesel variant which is not coming until 2013!


  4. fliidic verna is a best car. i love many cars but i c that this car is good and well featured by hyundai this is very funtastic and the red color suts it……………………….

  5. I don’t know why the article said that Verna doesn’t look good. Now it’s been close to two months, I’m driving Fluidic Verna and I can simply tell you that it’s quite a headturner. I got mine on 14th May and since then people had been encircling around my car and some people came and appreciated the look. That was the first thing for me too as it looks outstanding stylish from outside but agree that Honda also does look great but not when compared to Verna. Soft suspension is the only weak or strong point depending upon where you drive your vehicle. If you want to throw your car around the corners, this is not the car or you need to get used to of it (I got used to now and can drive at 160-170) and if you want a plush city car then it’s a blind choice. It has features which are available only in 15 Lakhs+ cars and even the new Ford doesn’t have many of those highly needed ones (reverse camera since Ford also has low clarity on rear and ESP braking system).

  6. tha verna is 1000 times better than tha city the new city is dam crampt up evn though i own one i would advice people 2 goin 4 tha verna,looks wise both cars look good for 10.39 fully loaded verna is better.

  7. Honda took Indian Customers for a ride for decade. It is a pain, turining age old knobs to control Ac, after spending lakhs of hard earned money on a Sedan, which Honda never realized to change this mechanism till date. Thanks to Hyundai for understanding India Market needs and providing latest technology at reasonable cost. Undoubtedly, Fluidic Verna is a value for money car with their best adjudged after sales support.

  8. Dear Lijo, have a done a review between Vento Petrol & Honda City (with price reduced)…pls share the link asap. Thanks!

  9. hi….v ve booked verna fluidic….but somebody s saying dat it doesnot have a gud suspension….they r also sayng dat handling is not as good as city….they r insisting us to buy city…..wat to buy??……CITY OR VERNA FLUIDIC??….plzz reply me/…

    1. If u wish to purchase a petrol car..Close ur eyes & go for Honda city..Performance / handling / comfort wise honda city scores over verna fluidic..Look wise both cars r good..but along with looks Honda city also gives u a feeling of luxuary car..Yes Verna fluidic has some added features..but seeing the performance / comfort & the driving pleasure, some features can be overlooked….My final verdict..If Petrol car..Go only for HONDA CITY.

      1. I agree with Bhupender, if its a petrol car, look no further ,city is the best, a few gizmos cannot make the car the best in class, what use are the gizmos, if you don’t feel comfortable in the car and what drive is a drive without driving pleasure. I can assure this, as i have been driving a city since 8 years(old and new included)

    2. I own a honda city and i have even booked the new verna.. will be getting it in a few days. As far as handling is concerned i love the way city handles. Its engine is a gem of the segment. But on the other hand, the verna diesel also manages to keep u content with its best in class diesel engine. Moreover the city burns a hole in your pocket with low mileage in city(8-10), however the mileage is good on the highway(15-17).
      Honda is the one that handles better, but the verna has its own characteristic too. For me the major deciding factor was the diesel engine and plus the looks. It has gorgeous sporty looks. As far as driving pleasure is concerned i drove the verna at low speeds, it felt nice , but could not test it much. so cant really tell which one is better.
      Now if you want a car that is fuel efficient, gives ample driving pleasure, and has loads of equipment and reliability then go for the hyundai verna.
      Honda city does have a good brand value and awsome driving pleasure and steering response but also has a low ground clearance..(although not a very big problem)
      ABOUT SUSPENSION – people are making a fuss about the suspension. Did anyone tell that in the city the verna feels more comfortable on rough patches ! . yes this is true , and this is due to the soft suspension. But ofcourse it has some shortcomings too. The problem is that the car does not feel very confident over the speeds of 140, but once you get used to it you can drive past it.
      If you give more preference to the brand value and dont mind paying for petrol and less mileage, then go for the city.
      But verna on the other hand is not far behind in terms of brand value, plus the diesel engine with excellent mileage will put a smile on your face. Its punchy and fun to drive too plus that hell of design makes you fall in love with the car. 🙂

      1. Dudie, I own a Honda City and beyond what Honda claims, in the very first month I was able to squeeze 16-17 kmpl in the Hyderabad city conditions and on the highway, an unbelievable 22- 23 kmpl. Yes, it is on AC. And I can only say outta my experience driving other Sedans, it would only improve after I get my car serviced.
        I hv no reasons to look back at other cars esp., when I could pull up a deal for slightly under 9L (on road).

  10. soft suspension is good as compared to honda city, for good stability upsize tyres with 215/45 r17 or 205/55 r16 and the enjoy powerful ride

  11. Verna fludic diesel is better than chevy cruze, engine is more refine and linear whereas turbo lag in cruze and clutch pedal also is very tight, dont see 2000cc of cruze, dont compare with vento diesel, sx4 diesel, linea diesel with verna it better engine, features and interior than cruze.

    1. Even i love the new verna. will be getting the delivery in a few days , but its comparison with chevy cruze is not justified. Cruze is still a very loved car of its class. Its HUGE and definitely looks better than verna. Handling too is better than verna. Plus that powerful engine … Just drive the cruze to feel it. But the price difference is abt 4.5 lakhs and the cruze falls in the D- segment. so the comparison is not justified.
      In the C+ segment, I love the new verna.. cheers.. :p

  12. Hi,

    I m planning t buy a new Honda city Petrol (over vento, verna) …

    but hav heard that New honda city s gonna b launched soon.
    Pls confirm this news n should I wait for New honda city if it is coming soon or buy th current model..Thnks

    (also, as per U which would be the best Petrol car in C segment at present…) would really appreciate if U could mail me back…Thanks

    Best regards

  13. new book( verna) is use to read more as compare old ( city)

    but the turth is always find in old books

  14. i have bought hyundai verna fludic.. its very amazing.. everyone should buy this car, only if they do not want to lose their hard earned money on Honda City…

      1. In INDIA –we have BIG SPEED BREAKERS.
        owners of Honda City–please tell us THE TRUTH ABT. THE LOW GROUND CLEARANCE.

  15. hey if u are looking for a petrol mid sizer close your eyes and buy city……………………..i guranteeeeee u city is much far better than fludic…in comfort,,audio quality,looks,exterior nd interrior,nd many more………………i know fludic is also a good featured car but it is not that much capable to hold that rank which is attained by the city ……………………… go with city nd be proud to own it…………………………………so at last again the king of segment is new city

  16. My friend who owns new Honda City –complains of chassis touching road esp. with passengers in the back and high spedd breakers–which we have plenty in Blore and on Mysore highway.
    Even the sales person of Honda confirms this.
    So we have to complement the Hyundai for addressing this problem and assuring the new Verna also has good ground clearance.
    Experts please respond.
    Another thing I found on test drive of Verna—steering wheel very resposive—is this a problem??

  17. Honda city has 3 major flaws…

    1…While at 120/130 the vehicle tends to fly..and sway

    2…Ground clearence too low

    3….Reflection of sunlight on a polished dashboardsurface is extremely disturbing

  18. After doing a big research for 3 months we got Fluidic verna last week… It is a great car and the whole apartment was down seeing our car(white looks majestic in verna). It looks like a sports car…

    First about the comparison in the site…
    1. Front seat space: Look at the picture of the front seats of both the cars.. They have pushed back the seats in Honda city and taken the photo from the side, so that it’ll look big. Verna’s pic is taken from the back with upright seats. Obviously it’ll look small. I smell something fishy here as they are not comparing apple with an apple.
    2. Back seat space : I agree that Honda city has ample space and comfort compared to Verna. If kids are going to sit in the back seat go for Verna.. For elders it is going to be little difficult to get inside..
    They have to bend their legs too much.
    3. Head room : Not enough head room in Verna because of fluidic fish like design… It improves the efficiency of the car.
    4. Noise : There is no noise inside fluidic verna.. My daughter said that it is like sitting in a 3D theatre where the sceneries move around you and you don’t.
    Noise inside Honda city is awful. U can hear everything inside.. This was the one of the reasons we didn’t choose city.
    5. Suspension : soft suspension in verna compared to city. City is not for roads with bumps. It hurts both the car and your bones.
    6. Interiors : Verna is a futuristic car. Looks like u are inside a plane’s cockpit. City’s knobs look like shower taps/old radio knobs.
    7. Exterior : City looks bigger than verna bcos it is bigger..
    8. Boot space : City’s is big.
    9. lights : Can’t compare any other car in this segment to Verna’s
    10. Looks : Verna is the best in the segment.
    11. Price : Verna is expensive… If u are going for the looks u can pay. City has reduced the price. But i feel it is too much for its looks/accessories…For performance it is ok.

    We test drove both the cars two (Verna – 3) times and came to the conclusion… Happy that we chose Verna over city. My husband is excited hearing comments from his colleagues and neighbors. “He is getting attention on the roads”. Good pickup and a powerful car. The name is perfect. Moves like water.

    You decide what u want. A futuristic car or any other car.

  19. hey frends,,,
    i am planning to book fludic verna diesel with in 2 to 3 days.. just suggest me the performance of the fludic. and also suggest any other better sedan on the near by price.

  20. Verna Fludic is worst in terms of technology its better if you want to sell it after 40K to 50K kms,bad road suspension danger in tunring ,,,features and look wise its very good…But rest my opinion after running it for 1 month is 1/5.

    Go for Honda or Ford Fiesta 2011 model best cars now…

  21. fluidic verna is any day better than the new city in comparision to features,power,performance etc.Though Honda has been ruling this saegment for quite a long time but now the time has come that Honda should introduce something different.As far as comfort is concerned city is bit more comfortable then fluidic.

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