Hyundai with 1.2 liter T-GDi Kappa engine coming soon

It seems that we are in the age of downsizing, with everything being made compact and small and yet very efficient to match the power and torque of its ancestors.We have certainly entered in a new era of small but powerful engines. Major car manufacturers of the world like Renault, Volkswagen and Ford are putting in a lot of resources in designing and developing compact yet powerful engines in order to make the whole package more convenient to handle, park, own and no doubt economical. Now the Korean car giant Hyundai has joined this group of elite with its patented T-GDi Kappa. Right now Renault’s TCE, Volkswagen’s TSI and Ford’s EcoBoost are the first few patented technology like the new Hyundai T-GDi Kappa in the automobile sector, which has made news because of its excellent features includinggood fuel efficiency.

New Hyundai T-GDi Kappa
The displacement of 1248cc turbocharged four cylinder with two camshaft overhead attached by two belts to run it, where a total of sixteen valves are opened and closed by these two camshafts. But don’t underestimate this 1.2 liter petrol engine to be less powerful in comparison to its bigger brethren. The engine pumps as much power as that of a 1.6 liter engine, which gives 160 bhp. This kind of power is achieved by the GDi (Gasoline Direct Injection) which is the same technology as in the diesel engines. This technology works absolutely in opposite to the conventional technology, since here the fuel is directly inject into the engine cylinder compared to the cylinder receiving premix of fuel and air first in the manifold and then delivered into it. No doubt, this will result in much better combustion, which will consequently improve the mileage of the vehicle. With less fuel burnt it also releases less emission which comes to 110 gms per kilometer.

Although the company has not yet made it clear on what all models this engine will be fitted in and when, but since this new engine is expected to come in the B and C segment of Hyundai cars, it is speculated that i20 Fluidic and i30 will have this engine in its upcoming variants and will be launched sometime this year. It is also to be observed that Hyundai has always stayed ahead of everyone with its engine technology whenever it comes to diesel engines. The first common rail diesel engine for the passenger car market in India was introduced by none other than Hyundai when it unveiled a three cylinder, 1.5 liter common rail turbo diesel engine for its Hyundai Accent CRDI. After that many new-generation turbo diesel engines by Hyundai followed up the engine technology of Accent CRDI and were upgraded through research and innovation for different cars both abroad and in India. Later Hyundai got itself into turbo petrol engines which were fitted with the same direct fuel injection technology of diesel engines. This is something hard to believe because until a few years ago, everybody avoided Hyundai’s petrol engines as much as they could. No doubt, the company has come a long way evolving and progressing with its engine technology. Who knows, maybe someday it will beat the class leader Ford who has an EcoBoost 1 liter turbo diesel engine. That will be something to look out for.

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