Ingenious gearbox designed by four Indian students

India is known to produce highly efficient human robots/humanoids that work or dance to the tune of their ‘masters’. The Indians have always been regarded as intelligent and efficient minds that are never used to innovate or create but always numbed down to meet the company’s average daily requirements and needs. But here we have a group of students breaking those shackles and tags that have accompanied the educated engineering class for so long. Innovation happens, even here in India.

Ingenious gearbox design
Here we have a group of final fourth year mechanical engineering students who have come up with an Ingenious gearbox. The gear box’s specialty is that it can motor the vehicle in the reverse direction as well. The gearbox would work once it is fitted with a specially devised four wheeled motorcycle. The product is the brainchild of four students namely- Mandeep Dharsul, Dishant Chopra, Rohtash Bura and Manish Dhanda who have worked from their workshop at the Terii Engineering College in Kurukshetra. This low cost gearbox is going to come extremely handy once it goes through some fine tuning and a factory design improvement and their manufacturing belt so as it can finally hit the Indian turf.

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