Mercedes to bring AMG A-Class?

Mercedes Benz has been facing stiff competition for quite some time now and it has lost its numerouno spot lately. However, the company is taking great strides to get back the coveted crown of number one, and their prime strategy is to sell in numbers. The ever popular ever-green strategy of mass producing products is perhaps going to do the trick for the Mercedes behemoth. To accomplish this feat the car company needs to produce a much more economic, inexpensive car that is going to be able to reach out and grab eyeballs of the general masses.  The company feels that their brainchild, the new A-Class is fit for the bargain and would woo customers to their outlets.

Mercedes AMG A45

However, we had reserved our opinions about AMG’s and the Mercedes’ intention to shoehorn the fire breathing engines into the A Class. We speculated that the AMG version of the A Class was not possible but it seems that the Mercedes Benz does have an answer to our doubts.  Affalterbach has brought out a solution with the small 2.0 liter AMG with a four cylinder turbocharged powerplant. The powertrain is to be fed with the help of a seven speed dual clutch gearbox.

Mercedes has always remained faithful to their fans here back home in India and it seems that they will also deliver the AMG A45 in the coming days. However, with the heavy taxes and duty levied it may not remain as inexpensive as Mercedes intended it to be.

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