Jaguar Land Rover energy drink found in China

It is always said that people in China sell things by putting labels of their choice without following any copyrights and other regulations. One such example is Jaguar Land Rover energy drink which is found on the shelf of a shopping centre in Guangzhou city. The energy drink comes loaded with sugar, caffeine and other healthy components. This discovery was made by a reader.

Jaguar logo, two Chinese letters and Land Rover are being seen on the label of energy drink, placed just one below the other. It is also said that the design of bottle is taken from Brazilian energy drink Recca.

Jaguar Land Rover energy drink found in China

We are very much sure that this drink is not officially launched by Jaguar Land Rover. This seems to be a job of a Smart Alex, who used British luxury marquee to sell its drink and give it a luxury feel as well.

China is one of the fastest growing automobile markets in the world. It has proven a lot to Tata Motors, the owner of JLR. Tata is busy constructing a Jaguar Land Rover plant there and has shown an outstanding result in Chinese territory. We can say that this would have made private non-automotive entrepreneurs to use the famous automobile marquee.

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