Volkswagen to enter low-cost market segment by 2016

The low cost car segment is attracting every carmaker in the world. This car segment is very much lucrative in developing and under-developed markets. India too is a part of this medley. In spite of various unsuccessful attempts to enter the veins of Indian customers, Volkswagen is now trying to have its pie of the market share in the low-cost segment. It has announced the launch of a low-cost car for India, which is expected to be rolled out in 2016. Yet another competitor who is eyeing this particular segment with complete focus is Datsun, and it is also the first carmaker to make such an announcement. We heard that Indian King ‘Maruti’ is also gearing up for the same competition. However, right now it would be too early to talk about that.

Volkswagen will first launch this car in developing markets and then in Europe as well. The car is expected to be priced around 5,000 Euros (approximately 3-4 lakh INR). Apart from these details, no other information came from house of Volkswagen.

Volkswagen to enter low-cost market segment by 2016

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