Jaguar Launches XJ Ultimate in India

Jaguar XJ is an ultimate piece of niche luxury that one desires in its every aspect ranging from stunning exteriors to powerful engine bay, and the most remarkably interiors for its complementing temptations.

XJ had already proven a good response in Indian fraternity which was tending to be replaced by some more developed product. So as of now, Jaguar launches Ultimate XJ in India being based on the long-wheelbase of XJ, extending its Limo arm to the core. It is made available in two trims i.e. 5.0 liter V8 petrol and 3.0 liter V6 turbocharged diesel. Both of them are quite smooth for its AWD traction being mated with 8-speed transmission.

Taking vision into interiors, a jet like feel is delivered at the first stance, as being lugged with two individually tailored seats separated by leather trimmed console in center, which also houses a champagne bottle chiller and the glass holder in it. To pamper some more, British luxury marquee had fitted massage system in seats as a delight quotient. Music system has been designed by Meridian of UK so therefore a chance of fallacy cannot be chalked out, while a wireless headphone is also the part of package that concludes 20-speaker surround sound.

New Jaguar XJ

Switching to business class, Jaguar XJ Ultimate lands a veneer draped aluminum board just at the touch of a button that was residing in center console, one also had not to hassle for mouse and keyboard as both of them comes already equipped on the front seats fringe.

To optimize its riding comfort, rear air suspensions are raised a bit so that its assorted passengers may only feel a mild Ouch! No need to mention that, power strokes of 510 PS and 625 Nm of torque do their work efficiently under pinning of aluminum framework which is now lighter by 150 kg than its rivals.

Ipad is given a lot of importance on this luxurious-beauty as it is a handy-famous with riches.

Jaguar XJ Ultimate launched in India

Exteriors of Ultimate XJ tweaks lower air intakes on the front-end in a chromed manner, to fortify stealth Jaguar status.  The rear too flashes oval exhaust tips being crafted out of stainless steel. To figure out the differentiation, ‘Ultimate’ badging is apprehended under XJ nameplate and is also repeated inside the power vents that vested into front fenders.

However, prices are exclusively termed at Rs 18,796,544 and Rs17,824,481 for V8 and V6 respectively. All of the tags are ex-showroom Mumbai and does not include octroi charges

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