Lamborghini SUV previewed in New York

Several details have spilled out on the upcoming Lamborghini SUV, expecting a debut at the Beijing Motor Show. The Italian automaker bought the SUV to New York, where selected Lamborghini clientele got a closer look at the upcoming SUV.

Though Lamborghini insisted on not bringing cameras, but it was quite expected that people will eventually speak what they saw.

As described by one of the selected clients at the preview, Bryan Salamone, as a Cherry Red 4×4, the SUV is waiting for its Beijing debut for its world premiere at Auto China late next month.

Another special client and guest from the preview, Ed Bolian, leaked the details on his personal blog that are more revealing. Thought the page has since been blocked, the details just got out right in time.

New Lamborghini SUV

Bolian describes the Italian SUV with a body silhouette that has a close resemblance to the German BMW X6. Speculated renderings released by the Quattroroute magazine reveal the idea, but there are differences in several other details. On the whole, Lamborghini SUV has an appeal in lines with the Audi Q7, which probably means that the SUV is based on Volkswagen Group PL71 SUV platform. There were also reports that the upcoming Lamborghini SUV will have a short-wheelbase platform from the VW Touareg and Porsche Cayenne, putting the SUV under 2,100 kg.

With a carbon fiber body kit and high ride height, the SUV has a very masculine appeal. Other details include the SUV featuring full LED headlights on the front end, similar to the ones seen in Estoque. While the rear end displays four trapezoidal exhaust tips integrated alongside rear diffuser. Side mirrors integrate advanced video camera system for guidance.

The concept sits on a new set of 24-inch wheels with a carbon fiber design similar to the Aventador J combined with naturally carbon-ceramic brakes.

New Lamborghini SUV

Bolian described the SUV with seating capacity of four passengers. Inside, it features light shade of leather upholstery, with several carbon fiber inserts. The seats are said to be inspired by the ones found Sesto Elemento Concept that was previewed in 2010 Paris Auto Show, and the dashboard has startling resemblance to the one sported in Aventador.

Lamborghini is rumored to have named its upcoming SUV as the MLC concept, although it has nothing to do with the classic LM002 from the late 80s. No details were given about the power plant but previous reports suggest that the SUV could house a 5.2-liter V10 engine that thumps as much as 584 hp. The Italian sports car marque has denied previous rumors of turbocharged power plants. This included a 4.0-litre V8 and a 6.0-litre V12.

While US and China are targeted as the major markets for the Italian SUV, India is a potentially strong market where luxury SUVs have seen a steep growth in recent years.

Stay tuned until April 23 for the official unveil at the Auto China show in Beijing.

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