Lamborghini Trademarks ‘Deimos’ Name, possible badge of its SUV concept

Lamborghini has an SUV lined up for 2012 unveil, and this machine of terror is making a debut at the Beijing Motor Show. As reported by Car and Driver, this Italian SUV is christened “Deimos”, as in fear and dread, according to the ancient Greek mythology. Deimos was the son of Aphrodite and Ares, and represents the terror brought by war. However, the character never really appeared in human form in Greek mythology.

According to reports, the Italian marque has trademarked the name Deimos for its upcoming SUV concept. Lamborghini has adopted the name of its car models from names of famous fighting bulls, like Miura, Gallardo, Murcielago, Aventador and so on, while no famous fighter bull by the name Deimos is known. This probably means the SUV concept is a drift from the usual sports car manufactured by the Italian automaker. Nevertheless, the leaked pictures of the SUV display the same unforgiving nature of the Lambo lineup.

Lamborghini Trademarks 'Deimos' Name, possible badge of its SUV concept
This won’t be the first SUV created by the Italian sports car marque, as it has produced the LM002 since 1986 to 1993. What was originally designed for military purpose, the LM002 never saw the battle field. It rather became the luxury off-road SUV of the Arabs in the middle-east cities.

In addition, Lamborghini has a Gallardo replacement coming in few years. It might be possible that the terrifying name is given to this sports car or a special edition version, though a trademark name is never set for a concept vehicle.

Lamborghini Trademarks 'Deimos' Name, possible badge of its SUV concept
We have to wait till the official unveil at the Beijing Motor Show to know the true identity of this Italian SUV.

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