Lamborghini Veneno 2013 at the Geneva Motor Show

With a price tag of 3.9 million dollars, the fastest Lamborghini’s limited edition was showcased at the Geneva Motor Show selling out limited runs of three vehicles.

As per a report Veneno is capable of reaching 220 miles per hour thanks to its 12-cylinder engine. Lamborghini intends to use the Veneno as a testing ground. The new material and technology used will eventually help in introducing less limited edition lineups.

The stylish looks are so aggressive, they might give children a nightmare, but fear not cause the Veneno is lightening fast that even if you are LUCKY enough to see one on the road, as the production is strict to three editions only, you will see nothing else then a streak of red, white or green light shooting past as the speed is close to 355 kilometers per hour (kph) (220 miles per hour).

Lamborghini Veneno
The Veneno is no doubt a thoroughbred race car that Lamborghini has tamed for the road. The body is entirely built from carbon fiber and supports a V-12 engine, 750 horsepower (HP) power train and permanent four wheel drive. Veneno got its name from a legendry fighting bull, who was reputed for its aggression and strong built in the history of bulls.

The model of Veneno that has made its debut at the show is grey. But the three production models are expected to be finished in one of the three colors from the Italian flag. Though Italian supercar makes guarantee delivery of each product model by the end of the year, until further track-based testing, production will not commence.

Rest guaranteed, the Veneno that is named for a well known fighting bull, sound like a Lamborghini.

Winkelmann stated, “It provides you a high level of liberty in terms of the design, you can test materials and new technologies, it boasts a halo effect on the other products. Finally, you are gratifying dreams, at least for some individuals.”

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