Lexus LFA gets world’s first all-chrome treatment in Australia

Use of chrome in car customization has always been quite appealing. Since pre-World War times cars are being customized. This time it’s the Lexus LFA that has made headlines regarding the same. A 36-year old Australian owner of the Lexus LFA has given the world’s maiden all-chrome treatment to the car. The anonymous owner of the car is a retail businessman in Queensland.

The 304th numbered car (out of 500), Lexus LFA, which will be demonstrated at the Meguiar’s MotorEx Enthusiasts car show, will be seen exhibiting its chrome wares. The car show to be held at the 2000 Sydney Olympic-venue will be featuring a gamut of modified and extraordinarily customized cars.

Lexus LFA gets world first all chrome treatment in Australia

Although the car to be featured in the car show is being reported to have all-chrome treatment, as of now it’s known that the car is yet to be given the final painting and coating of real chrome on it. The ‘all-chrome treatment’ thus will be incomplete without the chrome coating on it. The owner seems to have something else in his mind. The Lexus LFA has been given Exotic Graphix with removable chrome adhesive on its carbon fiber panels. The chrome colored adhesive is worth 10,000 USD.

Word is that the all-chrome treated car is just two months old and has been driven over 2500 miles. This figure certainly makes one thing clear that the car must have been used for long drives often. In fact, “JP” was spotted stating that he loves long drives, as they aren’t boring to him anymore. Well! He has got point to justify his love. Under the bonnet of the car, there’s a powerful 4.8L V10 powerhouse. The engine is capable of delivering maximum power of 552hp and a peak torque of 354lb-ft. The developed power is way too sufficient to propel the carbon fiber-aluminum (65%-35% respectively) bodied car to a speed of 60mph from standstill in just 3.7 seconds.

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