Porsche series threatening BMW 5-series

After a lot of negotiations and discussions, Volkswagen group finally completed the takeover of German car manufacturer Porsche’s sports car business.  The latest news from the car manufacturer indicates that now their main aim will be to boost their portfolio, but for now they have not made it clear as to how they will be doing it.

There were rumors recently about the Porsche planning to reveal a smaller version of the Panamera sedan which is codenamed as Pajun. This smaller version of the Panamera is aimed to compete against the BMW 5 Series. Along with the Pajun, there are rumors about another highly speculated model codenamed as Project 960 that would be rolling out together with the Pajun. This would be a two-seater supercar, which is rumored to possess a mid-size engine which-most probably will be a twin turbocharged V8 and will be producing about 600 bhp of power. The Project 960 will be competing against the top names in the sports car world like Lamborghini and Ferrari.

Porsche series threatening BMW 5-series

However, there were several statements from the firm itself that disregarded any idea of developing a roadster model that will be priced lower than the Boxster for now. There are also speculations suggesting that the other model codenamed as the Project 551 has been postponed.

In India, Porsche is selling, Porsche Boxter, Porsche Cayman, Porsche Cayenne, Porsche’s Legendry 911 and Panamera. The Porsche in India starts from about Rs.47 lakhs and goes way beyond 2 crores.

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