Maruti Alto comes ahead of Volkswagen Golf for the second time in a row

In India, the company that has always reigned supreme when it came to the car manufacturing is Maruti. The company has a range of compact cars custom made to suit India’s lack of parking space and twisted lanes and deep curves. The car company has emerged on top after years of fulfilling India’s needs. With its wide variety of models, the company caters to diverse needs, from compact cars to luxury drives, to other heavy duty vehicles.  Now the company has gone on to claim another title, that too once again making it the only one of its kind to ever do so in India. Maruti Alto bustled its way ahead of the race, claiming the title ‘Worlds highest selling small car‘ this year as well. The car has fought off other giants from other countries that tried a hand at clinching the title. But this isn’t the only thing that makes Maruti Alto special. This is its second win on the trot, laying claim for the second time in a row and retaining the title of the Highest Selling Small Car in the World. Indians have always banked on this car company to deliver, and they have delivered Maruti, with its best servicing and maintenance facilities all across India, has raced ahead in the completion against the world.

Maruti Alto comes ahead of Volkswagen Golf for the second time in a row

Coming second to the ‘highest selling small car’ was the Volkswagen Golf. The third spot has been claimed by Fiat Uno.  The Indian car manufacturer has sold a whopping 310,000 units of the Maruti Alto in the last one year, which steers clear of any completion from the runners up. Fiat sold a total of 273,537 units in Brazil while the Volkswagen sold a staggering 258,059 units of its car Golf back in their home country of Germany. The third runner- up trailing behind the others in the race for the highest selling small car in a country was the Suzuki WagonR, which sold 160,439 units. Coming in next is the Chinese car company manufacturing the Chery QQ and selling an appreciable number of 150,769 units back home in China.

There hasn’t been much of a change in the tally compared to last year, but there have been certain change in trends that suggests how the next years tally might shape up. The car that came in second, the Volkswagen Golf is sure feeling the heat, with the Fiat Uno trailing close behind having bridged quite a bit of gap in terms of sales within a span of one year. These changes in figures indicate that Fiat Uno has become the fastest growing in terms of units sold compared to last year in 2011. Another interesting trend is indicated through Brazil, which has fast become a thriving market for cars and bikes. Car companies are doing admirably well in the Brazilian terrain and this favorable market conditions is drawing in a lot of attention from car manufacturers.

Volkswagen Golf in India
Now the car with the highest sales in the small car category may be Maruti Alto, but the respect of being the highest number of units sold for any vehicle on the roads goes to the Ford F-150 truck selling a total of 584,917 units.

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