Mercedes B-class coming to India

The Indian obsession with small cars is certain not to end in the near future. Taking this into heed, Mercedes Benz India Limited are keen on entering the compact car segment here with the Mercedes B-class. It is bigger than the Mercedes A class car which is said to be the smallest amongst the Mercedes vehicles available in the world. It has been developed by keeping in mind the A-class platform though. It would get a boosted length of 4270 mm whereas its wheelbase would be 2778 mm. Amongst the luxury car makers present in India, it seems that Mercedes would be the first ones to bring in a compact car.

It is also rumored that Audi would bring in the Audi A1 and BMW with their Mini range here. The Mercedes B-class is almost big like a Honda Jazz and promises equal doodles of space. It will however have a more up-market interiors than the ones found on the Jazz and more so, it would also have lots of safety features and equipments on offer. Reports have also filtered in that it wouldn’t be the 2012 B-class model that would be coming to India. Instead it would be the older generation car from the 2008 batch. No news on the engine options yet however we expect Mercedes to kit it based on the existing engines in its line up plus later on, an AMG variant. Hot hatch? You bet. Price would be an estimated Rs 3-4 lakhs less than what the base Mercedes C-class goes for. As of now, the car is undergoing feasibility tests in India.

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