Mercedes-Benz CLA vs Audi A3: Spec Comparison

Plush or just conventional, everyone in the auto industry needs to keep a check on numbers to follow the route to success. On a one such road, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW were found locked horns in India, where suddenly the BMW made its way out, left the two of them to counter each other with aggressive launches. The entry-level sedan, the car that says a lot about the maker, commitment to the auto-making and advancements its flagship holds, is sold in huge number across this country. After all, they are a reason for the large sedans of Honda, Toyota, Hyundai and others to get wiped off this country, being offered for similar price tags and offering existent comfort level. Mercedes CLA and Audi A3 are the recent examples of Germans that attacked each other for surging ahead in the race. Small in size, but they offer loads of feature and power to keep the buyers’ spirit always in a good mood. It could turn into a cold-blooded war when compared both of them on the paper. Mentioned here is a whole account of the rivalry, see how it takes the stern shape just on a piece of paper.

  • Dimensions

Both of them are of the compact category, but still the CLA offers generous space with respect to height, length and wheelbase. It’s just a matter of fact Audi A3 turns wider than the other.

Mercedes-Benz CLA

Dimensions Mercedes-Benz CLA Audi A3
Length 4,630mm 4,456mm
Width 1,777mm 1,796mm
Height 1,432mm 1,416mm
Wheelbase 2,699mm 2,637mm
Weight 1,510kg (P)1,570kg (D) 1,295kg (P)1,340kg (D)
Boot Space 470 litres 425 litres
  • Styling

CLA is the one with maximum aerodynamics. The A3 on other side is derived on the same platform of Volkswagen Vento, the reason Audi falls in the parental hands of VW Group.

Audi A3

  • Engine


CLA always kept drawing an advantage, now owns a big displacement too. Audi with a smaller capacity gives a tough fight for almost the same amount of power output. The petrol of Ingolstadt comes mated to a six-speed dual-clutch transmission, while Mercedes uses a 7-sped DCT in the drivetrain.

Engine Mercedes-Benz CLA Audi A3
Displacement 2.0-litre 1.8-litre
Power 183PS 180PS
Torque 300NM 250NM


No more mercy in the count of cubic capacity of the engine, Mercedes triumphs with its big diesel motor, but Audi teases it with more power despite hauling a small engine in the bay. Here, the difference of transmission in petrol is equaled with the 7-speed DCT.

Mercedes Benz CLA Audi A3

Engine Mercedes-Benz CLA Audi A3
Displacement 2.2-litre 2.0-litre
Power 136PS 145PS
Torque 300NM 320NM
  • Fuel Efficiency

In both the cases (petrol and diesel) Audi sworn through the backlash of numbers, now had a last laugh at Mercedes for the reason to have delivered more kilometres per litre of fuel. It is the weight-advantage that gained Four-ringed sedan to score with an excellence here.

Fuel Efficiency (as per ARAI) Mercedes-Benz CLA Audi A3
Petrol 15.04 kmpl 16.6 kmpl
Diesel 17.9 kmpl 20.38 kmpl
  • Features

No doubt, both cars come fully-loaded with features; leather for seats and upholstery, 16-inch wheels for the base trim and 17-inch for the top-end. It’s the Benz that offers the panoramic sunroof and paddle shifters which are nowhere seen on Audi, nor even on the optional list.

Mercedes Benz CLA Audi A3

  • Price

Usually, we don’t post price in a comparison like this, but certainly there is a literally wide gap between the duos compelled us to scale the Germans. Mercedes-Benz CLA is almost Rs 7-8 lakh pricier in the base trims, but the gap narrowed up to top-end variants. Leaving a wide gap for Audi to eat through, Benz was almost up to the next level of lineup C-Class.  Look for yourself in the table below.

Price Ex-Showroom Delhi (in lakh) Mercedes-Benz CLA Audi A3
Petrol 35 28.95
Diesel 31.5-35.9 22.95-31.95

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