Mercedes-Benz Fined $56 Million In China For Price Fixing

It is uncertain for a maker like Mercedes-Benz to get charged with a fine. Certainly, a case happened in China had imposed the Benz with a label of 350 million yuan ($56 million) to pay as fine, which is a hefty to sum up with.

The German carmaker was accused of forcing dealers with minimum sales price for certain models and spare parts. Thus, as per the pricing bureau of Eastern China Benz has violated the rules of fair-market policy, leading to a monopolistic approach. Worsening further, some dealers even received the combined fine of 7.7 million yuan ($1.24 million).

Investigation led by the aforesaid authorities discovered, Mercedes-Benz had signed monopoly agreements to fix the lowest sales price of E-and S-Class and some spare parts.

Mercedes-Benz Fined $56 Million In China For Price Fixing

Speaking as responsibility authority, the parent company Daimler issued an official statement mentioning, Mercedes-Benz China goes with the said decision of China, and exercises its responsibilities under the competition law seriously. The organization also had taken necessary actions to comply completely with the law.

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