Mercedes-Benz intends to buyout Aston Martin

Time and again, it’s the legendary British carmaker Aston Martin rendering in the news for getting sold in the hands of German Mercedes-Benz. The news is not so of confirm nature, but the sources are said to be believed in so.

“This is a fantastic brand, and we are willing to support its further development,” Mercedes chief Dieter Zetsche said.

However, the Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz shares a lot of technical aspects in between, but it seems Aston is in the need to get over some power friends in the industry and for that same reason the brand is seems relocating itself with regards to change in top-management and so on.

It is also been touted the AMG will supply those same V8 engines to Astons which it will supply to Merc, being manufactured in Germany. In the meanwhile, it has always remained clear that Mercedes wanted to buy the whole Aston Martin since it joined hands with it for the technical reasons. More to it, if believed the sources of industry then Aston Martin SUV Lagonda will be based on the Mercedes-Benz GL Class.

Mercedes-Benz intends to buyout Aston Martin

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