Mercedes-Benz S-Class Is Women’s Car Of The Year

Not only men, women too loves the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class a lot and have casted the vote of Women’s Car of the Year award.

The polling was carried out by votes from women automotive writers of 15 different countries. An accountancy firm in Auckland, New Zealand named Grant Thornton was stomped with the authority of receiving, segregating and analyzing the data received from those lady voters.

On the basis of it, results concluded the decision impending on the aspects like style and appeal, design and function, comfort-level, storage capacity and drive quality.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Is Women's Car Of The Year

Alongside, the other cars also made to list, where A3 wins Family Car category, Audi S3 tops the Sports Car category. For SUV, it was Range Rover Sport, and Tesla Model S hits the Green Car chart of this year. Not all the niche made way there, the Budget Cat category is triumphed by new Honda Jazz.

There lays a bit of disappointment for Audi despite winning in two of the categories, because A8 was slashed back by the new S-Class over a slight margin.

And an unusual category too was crafted to find out which comes as the best Dream Car for women to own, and to surprise it was the Jaguar F-Type Coupe. Well, must say the designers at Jaguar know the best how to impress women than the ones at Mercedes, after all the British charm always work!

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