Mitsubishi Unveils New Android-Based Infotainment System

Mitsubishi as a coy carmaker, taking its own sweet time to bring the competitive product in the market, has unfolded a new drama by unveiling its own Android-based infotainment system called FLEXConnect. The system is placed inside the Cadillac prototype, apparently for the testing purpose.

Said as more cost-effective than the others presently available in the market, quality isn’t hampered in the process. As reported, it uses a 12.1-inch providing users an access to 3-functtion at a time, where they can see contents in the following screen modes: full-screen, half-screen and one-third screen. This means navigation, climate control and media player can get underneath our fingertips at a same time without flipping over the pages.

The FLEXConnect system of Mitsubishi also features a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster followed by a head-up display (of resolution 480×240).

But the most important part of this new infotainment system is its ease of sharing the knowledge between the screens, making the task a lot easier.   Mitsubishi Unveils New Android-Based Infotainment System

Explaining more of it in detail, Gareth Williams, Manager, Strategic Technologies, Audio, Video & Communications, Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America, said, any other system using the architectures consisted of multi-processor would struggle hard to show up to this engaging user experience. FLEXConnect is built technically flexible to share the contents between the passengers’ own phones, tablets and other entertainment systems.

Mitsubishi Unveils New Android-Based Infotainment System
Hence, it remains interesting to see for the Mitsubishi to launch it in its own models, but then again, the time remains a major constraint for the maker.

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