Miura and Aventador: Old and New?

Volkswagen builds a new Golf every couple of years. BMW rolls out a novel engine on a weekly basis, and MINI is transmuting itself from a one-car brand into one, which provides no less than 10 models. But there are still firms in the globe, which do not like to move fast.

And amongst the biggies, nobody like to takes things slow more than Lamborghini. While the globe was shifting to middle engine supercars in the sixties, company originatorFerruccio Lamborghini was in opposition to the thought.

But some oftechnologists as well as designers took step against Ferruccio’s wishes and created the Miura, and now all they make is mid-engine cars.

 Miura and Aventador Old and New

However, the things passed on since then, and the Miura had kids, and those kids had offspring, and so on, and so forth. From a back-drive 4-liter V12 with a 5-speed manual, we have marched on to a 6.5-liter V12 with complete-wheel drive and a trick auto.

Effsports, who clicked a pic and named it as “Generation Gap”, stated that the Aventadorremained unsuccessful to initiate at the end of the HRE 2012 Open House.

Could it be the identical car, whichbecome a skateboard and was rolled up downhill into a preview?

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