M&M Unveils New Yuvraj 215 Tractor in Pune

Indian leader in the tractor market and utility major, Mahindra & Mahindra, recently launched their new Yuvraj 215 tractor with a rated 15 hp in Pune, with a price tag of Rs.1,81,000. According to recent reports, the M&M General Manager of Special Projects in the sector of Farm Equipments, Sudhir Shah, said that with the launch of their Yuvraj tractor in Maharashtra, they are expecting to witness a change in the agricultural community’s dynamics.

Yuvraj will enable small farmers to not only buy their own tractors, but also to benefit from the mechanization of the tractor, helping them to boost their productivity. The tractor was quite well received in Gujarat, and they are sure that they well be rewarded with a similar response from farmers in Maharashtra as well.

According to this utility truck and tractor manufacturer, the top speed of the Yuvraj 215 tractor is 25.6 kmph, while the overall haulage capacity is 1.5 tonnes. The tractor is currently being manufactured at M&M’s production facility in Rajkot, having a production capacity of around 16,000 tractors in a year. Sanjay Goyle, the senior VP of Applitrac and Marketing of the Farm Equipment Sector, said that the Yuvraj 215 is an important part of their company’s vision for going beyond selling tractors, and focusing instead on the development of farm technology growth.

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