Top ten selling used/second hand cars in India – Part 1

The general trend of Indian car buying public or for that matter anyone would be to go in for a second hand car if they are first time car buyers or for that matter learners. I know a friend of mine who brought a used Honda City for about Rs 2.0 lakhs and this particular car was a fourth hand and plus from the earlier 2000 batch. He brought this car so that he can get a good feel of how to drive a car. Did I mention that this guy earns about Rs 75k per month? But he still went in for a used car and the reason is that he didn’t want to spoil a new car. Now he has sold off that Honda City and has got himself a new Honda Civic. This set me thinking as to why he got himself a Honda City and then eventually this boiled down to a quest. A quest to find the top ten used cars which are in demand all over India. At the end, it came down to most of the cars that have been already covered in .

Maruti Alto :

This compact entry level car is considered the upmarket version of entry level Maruti 800. if you drive an 800, it is considered that you are too “Chindi”. So people usually avoid an 800 and instead go for the Alto. It has got a small footprint and is a good bet for beginners. Its basic interiors mean that beginners don’t have to struggle much to learn about the mechanicals. It is very fuel efficient as well with the Maruti tag helping it out with lower spares and servicing charges. It is easy on the pocket as far as buying a used Maruti Alto is concerned.

Hyundai Santro :

The Hyundai Santro is one heck of any easy car to learn driving in. Most of the driving schools have this car as it has easy ingress and egress for even taller drivers. Though maintenance isn’t as cheap as say a Maruti, it is still comparable. It is pretty much reliable as well. Buying it wouldn’t cost a bomb either.

Tata Indica :

Tatas have always being known for making cheap and efficient cars with the Tata Indica being no exception. A used Tata Indica needs a lot of checking into especially if it was owned by a taxi operator. A used Tata Indica would still retain the virtues of a newer car by the way of ample seating space, fuel efficient engines and cheaper spares. Avoid the early models as also ones with higher mileage. Due to their taxi image, these car are available real cheap as well.

Chevrolet Spark :

This small car from Chevrolet has carried forward the easy to drive and maintain connotation from the Daewoo Matiz. The best part is that buying a Chevy car means probably getting the three years maintenance package scheme which the first owner might have taken. However resale prices are a bit higher compared to the other cars and more so this small Chevy isn’t that spacious.

Maruti Swift :

This small wonder from Maruti which debuted 6 years back still has a strong fan following. If there is anything, the numbers have risen after Maruti introduced the diesel variant a few years back. Somewhat floppy interiors and cramped rear seat spoil the party otherwise, the Swift comes pretty loaded and is ideal for boy racers and those looking for a fun to drive fuel efficient car. Resale values are pretty much on the higher side as well.

The remaining part of the 10 car series would be covered this following week.

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