More powerful Mahindra e20 under works

Mahindra has said that it is currently working on a more powerful variant of its electric car, Mahindra Reva e20 after it launched the same yesterday. It has also confirmed that this more powerful version will be available only for the export markets. The export for this version will start from April 2014.

With the Reva e20, Mahindra is hoping to redefine the electric vehicles market in India. With its launch, the e20 will be creating its own segment. Mahindra is hoping to get the first hand benefit of being the sole player in the electric car segment. It is a good car, but it will be quite difficult for Mahindra to convince the conventional Indian customers, who don’t dare to think beyond fossil fueled vehicles.

Mahindra Reva E20
The current e20 is powered by a drive train that consists of an electric motor that uses lithium-ion battery pack capable of powering the car for about 100 km in a single charge. This is quite enough if you drive it within a city only. It delivers about 19 kW at 3750 rpm and 5.4 kgm of torque at 3400 rpm.

If we look at the domestic market, Mahindra is considering bringing another variant with power steering.

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