More Than 1/3rd EV Owners Are Not Satisfied With Their Possession: Study

All the auto shows and various other platforms are heated up with EVs, but on the other side of coin there lays a completely different story by Japanese.

Japanese are the ones who also tend to make world a greener place, by using such sort of gadgets and instruments, as also adopting those standards of life style. Contradicting to this posture, a study by research firm McKinskey and Co. says, one in three EV owners will not buy the same kind of mechanism in future. It is also learnt, that 1/3rd were compelled by the commercials of electric auto companies which were driven with a luring stance of novelty in their offerings, and top of all the motivation was ‘zero running cost’. Thus, Japan still lacks the complete infrastructure of EVs re-fuelling, as creating ruckus in this futuristic drive.

Contradiction to ‘zero running cost’, users are fed up with high running electricity bills, which inclines to be same all over the globe.

Electric vehicle

India and Japan falls in one continent i.e. Asia, henceforth we had also received Mahindra e2o recently; what audience has to prefer now is completely depended with them, and Electric Supply department of our Indian government doesn’t sounds good for cost-effective billing. Already Indians are running high on that panel.

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