Top 3 Hot Hatches in Used Segment

1.    Maruti Zen:

Maruti Zen is what we can say is the upgrade version of successful model plate 800, but these days it looks a bit off track. Though one should not sort it out on the basis of looks, on contradictions we ensure Zen would do best on the pockets for maintenance and also maximum return on fuel inputs, not excluding even our highly congested city space. It is a peppy offering and does also provide nimbleness on its ride. One can find it in huge numbers inside the yards of pre-owned dealerships. Zen from the year 2004-06 will fall easy on purchase amount as well as other cash pulling expenses.

Maruti Zen

2.    Hyundai Santro:

Hyundai was on the initial stage when it rolled out Santro in our market, and subsequently our audience had also proven its worth at that time. To an extent, if one remembers then would know how much Shahrukh Khan, the famous Bollywood Actor, had worked for his promotion and we can say, his hard work has really paid off. Santro is everybody’s favorite and comes with a refined engine displacement under the slick gearbox. Cabin standards and maintenance part stands on ‘excellence’ paddock. Overall, its ride quality is something that had compelled us to mention in this list. Trustworthiness and an optimistic nature are also engulfed to the core in Santro. Model range of 2004-08 is the best option for buying this beauty something called ‘Fluidic Noddy’.

Hyundai santro

3.    Tata Indica:

Tata is known for the strong built quality and Indica is not an exception. It is an affordable yet spacious choice if one wants to buy. Turbo-diesel will definitely help to keep fuel costing under check but despite of poor resale value many would find it in the worst condition. Need no to worry, again pre-owned dealerships have it in bundle, but do remember to ensure good quality cabins, where mostly many of them lacks. 2005-08 will prove beneficiary for every term.

Tata Indica

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